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# test defaults
# test defaults with a pref()
defaults pref(font.size.variable.x-western,24)
!= font-default.html font-size-16.html
== font-default.html font-size-24.html
# test that a default preference can be overridden
pref(font.size.variable.x-western,16) == font-default.html font-size-16.html
pref(font.size.variable.x-western,16) != font-default.html font-size-24.html
# test that default preferences are kept when other test-specific preferences are set
pref(font.size.variable.zh-HK,36) != font-default.html font-size-16.html
pref(font.size.variable.zh-HK,36) == font-default.html font-size-24.html
# test defaults with test-pref() and ref-pref()
defaults test-pref(font.size.variable.x-western,16) ref-pref(font.size.variable.x-western,24)
!= font-default.html font-default.html
== font-default.html font-size-16.html
== font-size-24.html font-default.html
# test defaults with skip and skip-if
defaults skip
== font-size-16.html font-size-24.html
defaults skip-if(true)
== font-size-16.html font-size-24.html
# test resetting defaults
== font-default.html font-default.html