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<html lang="en-US">
<!-- Test that before/after generated content stops suppression correctly,
both statically and dynamically -->
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>CSS Test: CSS display:contents; with ::after/::before</title>
<link rel="author" title="Mats Palmgren" href="">
<link rel="help" href="">
body > div { border:1px solid black; margin:1em;
font-family:sans-serif; letter-spacing:2px; }
#d1:before { content:"Hello"; }
#d2:after { content:"Kitty"; }
#d3.c:before { content:"Hello"; }
#d4.c:after { content:"Kitty"; }
#d5.c:before { content:"Hello"; }
#d6.c:after { content:"Kitty"; }
#d7.c:after { content:"Kitty"; }
#d8.c:before { content:"Hello"; }
#d5,#d6 { overflow:hidden; }
#d1,#d2,#d3,#d4 { display:contents; }
x { display:table; }
y { display:table-outer; }
function loaded() {
document.getElementById("d3").setAttribute("class", "c");
document.getElementById("d4").setAttribute("class", "c");
document.getElementById("d5").setAttribute("class", "c");
document.getElementById("d6").setAttribute("class", "c");
document.getElementById("d7").setAttribute("class", "c");
document.getElementById("d8").setAttribute("class", "c");
<body onload="loaded()">
<div><div id="d1"> <span>Kitty</span></div></div>
<div><div id="d2"><span>Hello</span> </div></div>
<div><div id="d3"> <span>Kitty</span></div></div>
<div><div id="d4"><span>Hello</span> </div></div>
<div><div id="d5"> <span>Kitty</span></div></div>
<div><div id="d6"><span>Hello</span> </div></div>
<div><x id="d7"><span>Hello</span> </div></x>
<div><x id="d8"> <span>Kitty</span> </div></x>