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<!DOCTYPE html>↩
<title>CSS Test: blending between an element and the child with opacity</title>↩
<link rel="author" title="Mirela Budăeș" href="">↩
<meta name="flags" content="">↩
<meta name="assert" content="Test checks that an element with mix-blend-mode and his child with opacity blends as a group(no blending between the element with mix-blend-mode and the child element)">↩
<link rel="match" href="reference/mix-blend-mode-child-of-blended-has-opacity-ref.html">↩
.parent {↩
opacity: 0.9;↩
background: yellow;/*rgb(255,255,0);*/
margin: 30px;↩
width: 120px;↩
height: 120px;↩
display: inline-block;↩
.blended {↩
width: 100px;↩
height: 100px;↩
background: fuchsia; /* rgb(255, 0, 255);*/
display: inline-block;↩
mix-blend-mode: difference;↩
margin-top: 10px;↩
margin-left: 10px;↩
.childBlended {↩
background: red;/*rgb(255,0,0);*/
width: 80px;↩
height: 80px;↩
margin-top: 10px;↩
margin-left: 10px;↩
opacity: 0.99;↩
<div class="parent">↩
<div class="blended">↩
<div class="childBlended"></div>↩