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<!-- Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.
<html reftest-zoom="1.3">
<title>Pixel rounding testcase</title>
<style type="text/css">
html, body {
margin: 0;
border: none;
padding: 0;
div {
border: 1px solid black;
margin: 5px;
position: absolute
/* For these tests we use images containing two colors, even though only one
color will be visible, to avoid special single-color-image code paths. */
div.horizontal {
background-image: url(lime-and-blue-1x25.png);
height: 10px;
left: 0px;
div.vertical {
background-image: url(lime-and-blue-25x1.png);
top: 120px;
width: 10px;
/* For these tests we use images containing only one color to ensure that we
hit the special single-color-image code paths. */
div.horizontal-single-color {
background-image: url(lime-1x25.png);
height: 10px;
left: 40px;
div.vertical-single-color {
background-image: url(lime-25x1.png);
top: 160px;
width: 10px;
<div class="horizontal" style="top: 0px; width: 30px"></div>
<div class="horizontal" style="top: 20px; width: 30.1px"></div>
<div class="horizontal" style="top: 40px; width: 30.3px"></div>
<div class="horizontal" style="top: 60px; width: 30.5px"></div>
<div class="horizontal" style="top: 80px; width: 30.7px"></div>
<div class="horizontal" style="top: 100px; width: 30.9px"></div>
<div class="horizontal-single-color" style="top: 0px; width: 30px"></div>
<div class="horizontal-single-color" style="top: 20px; width: 30.1px"></div>
<div class="horizontal-single-color" style="top: 40px; width: 30.3px"></div>
<div class="horizontal-single-color" style="top: 60px; width: 30.5px"></div>
<div class="horizontal-single-color" style="top: 80px; width: 30.7px"></div>
<div class="horizontal-single-color" style="top: 100px; width: 30.9px"></div>
<div class="vertical" style="left: 0px; height: 30px"></div>
<div class="vertical" style="left: 20px; height: 30.1px"></div>
<div class="vertical" style="left: 40px; height: 30.3px"></div>
<div class="vertical" style="left: 60px; height: 30.5px"></div>
<div class="vertical" style="left: 80px; height: 30.7px"></div>
<div class="vertical" style="left: 100px; height: 30.9px"></div>
<div class="vertical-single-color" style="left: 0px; height: 30px"></div>
<div class="vertical-single-color" style="left: 20px; height: 30.1px"></div>
<div class="vertical-single-color" style="left: 40px; height: 30.3px"></div>
<div class="vertical-single-color" style="left: 60px; height: 30.5px"></div>
<div class="vertical-single-color" style="left: 80px; height: 30.7px"></div>
<div class="vertical-single-color" style="left: 100px; height: 30.9px"></div>