Name Description Size
HTMLSelectEventListener.cpp 29725
HTMLSelectEventListener.h HTMLSelectEventListener This class is responsible for propagating events to the select element while it has a frame. Frames are not refcounted so they can't be used as event listeners. 3397
ListMutationObserver.cpp 2992
ListMutationObserver.h ListMutationObserver This class invalidates paint for the input element's frame when the content of its @list changes, or when the @list ID identifies a different element. It does *not* invalidate paint when the @list attribute itself changes. 2131 1420
nsButtonFrameRenderer.cpp 17457
nsButtonFrameRenderer.h Create display list items for the button 2729
nsCheckboxRadioFrame.cpp virtual 6016
nsCheckboxRadioFrame.h nsCheckboxRadioFrame is used for radio buttons and checkboxes. It also has a static method (GetUsableScreenRect) that is used by other form controls. 3104
nsColorControlFrame.cpp aNotify 5087
nsColorControlFrame.h 2021
nsComboboxControlFrame.cpp 35210
nsComboboxControlFrame.h Inform the control that it got (or lost) focus. If it lost focus, the dropdown menu will be rolled up if needed, and FireOnChange() will be called. @param aOn true if got focus, false if lost focus. @param aRepaint if true then force repaint (NOTE: we always force repaint currently) @note This method might destroy |this|. 8347
nsDateTimeControlFrame.cpp This frame type is used for input type=date, time, month, week, and datetime-local. 7510
nsDateTimeControlFrame.h This frame type is used for input type=date, time, month, week, and datetime-local. NOTE: some of the above-mentioned input types are still to-be-implemented. See nsCSSFrameConstructor::FindInputData, as well as bug 1286182 (date), bug 1306215 (month), bug 1306216 (week) and bug 1306217 (datetime-local). 2349
nsFieldSetFrame.cpp 38768
nsFieldSetFrame.h The area to paint box-shadows around. It's the border rect except when there's a <legend> we offset the y-position to the center of it. 4435
nsFileControlFrame.cpp 13683
nsFileControlFrame.h The text box input. @see nsFileControlFrame::CreateAnonymousContent 4190
nsGfxButtonControlFrame.cpp 6858
nsGfxButtonControlFrame.h 2132
nsHTMLButtonControlFrame.cpp 15691
nsHTMLButtonControlFrame.h 4368
nsIFormControlFrame.h nsIFormControlFrame is the common interface for frames of form controls. It provides a uniform way of creating widgets, resizing, and painting. @see nsLeafFrame and its base classes for more info 1224
nsImageControlFrame.cpp 5204
nsISelectControlFrame.h nsISelectControlFrame is the interface for combo boxes and listboxes 1391
nsITextControlFrame.h Ensure editor is initialized with the proper flags and the default value. @throws NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED if mEditor has not been created @throws various and sundry other things 1503
nsListControlFrame.cpp This is called by the SelectsAreaFrame, which is the same as the frame returned by GetOptionsContainer. It's the frame which is scrolled by us. @param aPt the offset of this frame, relative to the rendering reference frame 41806
nsListControlFrame.h Frame-based listbox. 11167
nsMeterFrame.cpp 8323
nsMeterFrame.h Returns whether the frame and its child should use the native style. 2866
nsNumberControlFrame.cpp static 6049
nsNumberControlFrame.h This frame type is used for <input type=number>. TODO(emilio): Maybe merge with nsTextControlFrame? 3193
nsProgressFrame.cpp 9639
nsProgressFrame.h Returns whether the frame and its child should use the native style. 3149
nsRangeFrame.cpp 29831
nsRangeFrame.h Returns true if the slider's thumb moves horizontally, or else false if it moves vertically. 7379
nsSearchControlFrame.cpp 2672
nsSearchControlFrame.h This frame type is used for <input type=search>. 2059
nsSelectsAreaFrame.cpp This wrapper class lets us redirect mouse hits from the child frame of an option element to the element's own frame. REVIEW: This is what nsSelectsAreaFrame::GetFrameForPoint used to do 7571
nsSelectsAreaFrame.h nsSelectsAreaFrame_h___ 2051
nsTextControlFrame.cpp 48694
nsTextControlFrame.h Destroy() causes preparing to destroy editor and that may cause running selection listeners of spellchecker selection and document state listeners. Not sure whether the former does something or not, but nobody should run content script. The latter is currently only FinderHighlighter to clean up its fields at destruction. Thus, the latter won't run content script too. Therefore, this won't run unsafe script. 12983