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function getFileStream(filename) {
// Get the location of this sjs file, and then use that to figure out where
// to find where our other files are.
var self = Cc[";1"].createInstance(Ci.nsIFile);
var file = self.parent;
var fileStream = Cc[
fileStream.init(file, 1, 0, false);
return fileStream;
function handleRequest(request, response) {
// partial.png is a truncated png
// by calling processAsync and not calling finish we send the truncated png
// in it's entirety but the webserver doesn't close to connection to indicate
// that all data has been delivered.
response.setStatusLine(request.httpVersion, 200, "OK");
response.setHeader("Content-Type", "image/png", false);
var inputStream = getFileStream("partial.png");
response.bodyOutputStream.writeFrom(inputStream, inputStream.available());