Name Description Size
AccessCheck.cpp stopAtWindowProxy = 5817
AccessCheck.h Returns true if the given object (which is expected to be stripped of cross-compartment wrappers in practice, but this function doesn't assume that) is a WindowProxy or Location object, which need special wrapping behavior due to being usable cross-origin in limited ways. 4286
ChromeObjectWrapper.cpp 1485
ChromeObjectWrapper.h namespace xpc 1656
FilteringWrapper.cpp 5687
FilteringWrapper.h __FilteringWrapper_h__ 2275 829
WaiveXrayWrapper.cpp 4858
WaiveXrayWrapper.h 2075
WrapperFactory.cpp static 32044
WrapperFactory.h A wrapper that's only used for cross-origin objects. This should be just like a CrossCompartmentWrapper but (as an implementation detail) doesn't actually do any compartment-entering and (as an implementation detail) delegates all the security decisions and compartment-entering to the target object, which is always a proxy. We could also inherit from CrossCompartmentWrapper but then we would need to override all the proxy hooks to avoid the compartment-entering bits. 4291
XrayWrapper.cpp stopAtWindowProxy = 86505
XrayWrapper.h stopAtWindowProxy = 19269