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# Zydis disassembler
Zydis x64/x86 disassembler imported from github, see
Zydis is MIT licensed code, see Zydis/LICENSE and Zycore/LICENSE.
Sources here were taken from the tag/revision of Zydis that is recorded in the
file imported-revision.txt.
The file hierarchy of Zydis+Zycore has been flattened and processed as described
in the script
## Integrating new versions of Zydis
The procedure for pulling a new version is encoded in the script,
which is to be run from the parent directory of zydis, ie, from js/src/. It
will create a new zydis directory and pull new files from github into it,
leaving the old zydis directory as zydis_old.
It's not a given that the script will work out of the box for new versions of
zydis or that the resulting files will build as-is. Buyer beware.