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VTune files imported from VTune Amplifier XE 2017 Rev 1.0.486011.
To update these files, copy the following from a VTune install directory:
Additionally, the following changes should be propagated:
- Some static functions should be exported for use in VTuneWrapper.cpp.
- Per Bug 1339190, all instances of "__attribute__((weak))" must be removed,
or Ubuntu shell builds will randomly crash on startup.
- With weak attributes removed, DL_SYMBOLS and PTHREAD_SYMBOLS should
be defined as "(1)" to avoid -Waddress warnings.
- Per Bug 1377651, the __itt_null variable in ittnotify.h should be
made non-static, so it can be used in a non-static function.
If the license has changed, update the "VTune License" section of