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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80:
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef vm_StencilCache_h
#define vm_StencilCache_h
#include "mozilla/Atomics.h" // mozilla::Atomic
#include "mozilla/HashFunctions.h" // mozilla::HashGeneric
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h" // mozilla::RefPtr
#include "js/HashTable.h" // js::HashTable
#include "threading/ExclusiveData.h" // js::ExclusiveData
#include "vm/JSScript.h" // js::ScriptSource
#include "vm/SharedStencil.h" // js::SourceExtent
struct JS_PUBLIC_API JSContext; // vm/JSContext.h
namespace js {
namespace frontend {
struct CompilationStencil; // frontend/CompilationStencil.h
struct ExtensibleCompilationStencil; // frontend/CompilationStencil.h
} /* namespace frontend */
// Note, the key is a RefPtr<ScriptSource>, but neither the PointerHasher nor
// DefaultHasher seems to handle these correctly.
struct SourceCachePolicy {
using Lookup = const ScriptSource*;
static HashNumber hash(const Lookup& l) { return mozilla::HashGeneric(l); }
static bool match(const Lookup& entry, const Lookup& l) { return entry == l; }
// Immutable information to identify a unique function, as well as the
// compilation context which will result in a unique Stencil once compiled.
struct StencilContext {
// This pointer is used to isolate a single source. Note the uniqueness of the
// ReadOnlyCompileOptions is implied by the fact that we allocate a new
// ScriptSource for each CompilationInput, which are initialized with a set of
// CompileOptions.
RefPtr<ScriptSource> source;
SourceExtent::FunctionKey funKey;
StencilContext(RefPtr<ScriptSource>& source, SourceExtent extent)
: source(source), funKey(extent.toFunctionKey()) {}
struct StencilCachePolicy {
using Lookup = StencilContext;
static HashNumber hash(const Lookup& l) {
const ScriptSource* raw = l.source;
return mozilla::HashGeneric(raw, l.funKey);
static bool match(const Lookup& entry, const Lookup& l) {
return entry.source == l.source && entry.funKey == l.funKey;
// Cache stencils which are parsed from the same source, and with identical
// compilation options.
// This cache does not check the principals, as the source should not be
// aliased across different principals.
// The content provided by this cache is computed by delazification tasks. The
// delazification task needs contextual information to generate Stencils, which
// are then registered in this cache.
// To reclaim memory from this cache, the producers should be shutdown and the
// cache should be cleared. As the delazification process needs contextual
// information to generate the Stencils, it is impossible to resume without
// either keeping memory or recomputing from the beginning.
// Therefore, this cache cannot be cleared without disabling it at the same
// time. Disabling this cache ends all threads which attempts to add new
// stencils.
// The cache can be in multiple states:
// - Cache disabled:
// The cache can be disabled when running in a steady state for some time,
// or after reaching a shrinking GC, which reclaims the memory from this
// cache.
// This state is expected for the steady state of web pages, once the
// pages are loaded for a while and that we do not expect a huge load of
// delazification.
// - Cache enabled, Source is not cached:
// This is a rare case which can happen either when testing the
// StencilCache, or after some dynamic load of JavaScript code in a page
// which already reached as steady state. In which case, we want to prevent
// locking for any functions which are not part of the newly loaded source.
// This might also happen for eval-ed or inline JavaScript, which is
// parsed on the main thread, and also delazified on the main thread.
// - Cache enabled, Source is cached:
// This case is expected to be frequent for any new document. A new
// document will register many sources for parsing off-thread, and
// triggering off-thread delazification.
// All newly parse sources will be registered here until a steady state is
// reached, or a shrinking GC is called.
class StencilCache {
using SourceSet =
js::HashSet<RefPtr<ScriptSource>, SourceCachePolicy, SystemAllocPolicy>;
using StencilMap =
js::HashMap<StencilContext, RefPtr<frontend::CompilationStencil>,
StencilCachePolicy, SystemAllocPolicy>;
struct CacheData {
// Sources which are recorded in this cache.
SourceSet watched;
// Stencils of functions which are recorded in this cache.
StencilMap functions;
// Map a function to its CompilationStencil.
ExclusiveData<CacheData> cache;
// This flag is mostly read, and changes rarely. We use this Atomic to avoid
// locking a Mutex when the cache is disabled.
// The cache can be disabled when running in a steady state for some time, or
// after reaching a shrinking GC, which reclaims the memory from this cache
// and indirectly ends the threads which are producing stencils for this
// cache.
mozilla::Atomic<bool, mozilla::ReleaseAcquire> enabled;
// An access key is returned when checking whether the cache is enabled. It
// should be used in an if statement and provided to all follow-up functions
// if it is true-ish.
using AccessKey = ExclusiveData<CacheData>::NullableGuard;
// Not all stencils should be cached, we use the ScriptSource pointer to
// identify whether we should look further or not in the cache.
AccessKey isSourceCached(ScriptSource* src);
// Register a source in the cache in order to cache any stencil associated
// with this source in the future. To stop caching, the function
// clearAndDisable can be used.
// Note: This function should be called once per source. Which is usualy after
// creating it.
[[nodiscard]] bool startCaching(RefPtr<ScriptSource>&& src);
// Checks if the cache contains a specific stencil and returns a pointer to
// it if it does. Otherwise, returns nullptr.
frontend::CompilationStencil* lookup(AccessKey& guard,
const StencilContext& key);
// Adds a newly compiled stencil to the cache. The cache should not contain
// any entry for this function before calling this function.
[[nodiscard]] bool putNew(AccessKey& guard, const StencilContext& key,
frontend::CompilationStencil* value);
// Prevent any further stencil from being cached, and clear and reclaim the
// memory of all stencil held by the cache.
// WARNING: This function should not be called within a scope checking for
// isSourceCached, as this would cause a dead-lock.
void clearAndDisable();
// This cache is used to store the result of delazification compilations which
// might be happening off-thread. The main-thread will concurrently read the
// content of this cache to avoid delazification, or fallback on running the
// delazification on the main-thread.
// Main-thread results are not stored in the DelazificationCache as there is no
// other consumer.
class DelazificationCache : public StencilCache {
static DelazificationCache singleton;
DelazificationCache() = default;
static DelazificationCache& getSingleton() { return singleton; }
} /* namespace js */
#endif /* vm_StencilCache_h */