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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80:
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "vm/ProxyObject.h"
#include "gc/GCProbes.h"
#include "gc/Marking.h"
#include "gc/Zone.h"
#include "proxy/DeadObjectProxy.h"
#include "vm/Compartment.h"
#include "vm/Realm.h"
#include "gc/ObjectKind-inl.h"
#include "vm/JSContext-inl.h"
using namespace js;
static gc::AllocKind GetProxyGCObjectKind(const JSClass* clasp,
const BaseProxyHandler* handler,
const Value& priv,
bool withInlineValues) {
uint32_t nreserved = JSCLASS_RESERVED_SLOTS(clasp);
// For now assert each Proxy Class has at least 1 reserved slot. This is
// not a hard requirement, but helps catch Classes that need an explicit
// JSCLASS_HAS_RESERVED_SLOTS since bug 1360523.
MOZ_ASSERT(nreserved > 0);
uint32_t nslots = 0;
if (withInlineValues) {
nslots = detail::ProxyValueArray::allocCount(nreserved);
MOZ_ASSERT(nslots <= NativeObject::MAX_FIXED_SLOTS);
gc::AllocKind kind = gc::GetGCObjectKind(nslots);
if (handler->finalizeInBackground(priv)) {
kind = ForegroundToBackgroundAllocKind(kind);
return kind;
void ProxyObject::init(const BaseProxyHandler* handler, HandleValue priv,
JSContext* cx) {
detail::ProxyValueArray* values = detail::GetProxyDataLayout(this)->values();
data.handler = handler;
if (IsCrossCompartmentWrapper(this)) {
MOZ_ASSERT(cx->global() == &cx->compartment()->globalForNewCCW());
} else {
// The expando slot is nullptr until required by the installation of
// a private field.
/* static */
ProxyObject* ProxyObject::New(JSContext* cx, const BaseProxyHandler* handler,
HandleValue priv, TaggedProto proto_,
const JSClass* clasp) {
Rooted<TaggedProto> proto(cx, proto_);
cx->compartment() == proto.toObject()->compartment());
#ifdef DEBUG
if (priv.isGCThing()) {
gc::AllocKind allocKind = GetProxyGCObjectKind(clasp, handler, priv,
/* withInlineValues = */ true);
Realm* realm = cx->realm();
AutoSetNewObjectMetadata metadata(cx);
// Try to look up the shape in the NewProxyCache.
Rooted<Shape*> shape(cx);
if (!realm->newProxyCache.lookup(clasp, proto, shape.address())) {
shape = ProxyShape::getShape(cx, clasp, realm, proto, ObjectFlags());
if (!shape) {
return nullptr;
MOZ_ASSERT(shape->realm() == realm);
// Ensure that the wrapper has the same lifetime assumptions as the
// wrappee. Prefer to allocate in the nursery, when possible.
gc::Heap heap;
if ((priv.isGCThing() && priv.toGCThing()->isTenured()) ||
!handler->canNurseryAllocate()) {
heap = gc::Heap::Tenured;
} else {
heap = gc::Heap::Default;
debugCheckNewObject(shape, allocKind, heap);
ProxyObject* proxy = cx->newCell<ProxyObject>(allocKind, heap, clasp);
if (!proxy) {
return nullptr;
proxy->init(handler, priv, cx);
return proxy;
gc::AllocKind ProxyObject::allocKindForTenure() const {
Value priv = private_();
return GetProxyGCObjectKind(getClass(), data.handler, priv,
void ProxyObject::setCrossCompartmentPrivate(const Value& priv) {
void ProxyObject::setSameCompartmentPrivate(const Value& priv) {
MOZ_ASSERT(IsObjectValueInCompartment(priv, compartment()));
inline void ProxyObject::setPrivate(const Value& priv) {
#ifdef DEBUG
*slotOfPrivate() = priv;
void ProxyObject::setExpando(JSObject* expando) {
// Ensure we're in the same compartment as the proxy object: Don't want the
// expando to end up as a CCW.
MOZ_ASSERT_IF(expando, expando->compartment() == compartment());
// Ensure that we don't accidentally end up pointing to a
// grey object, which would violate GC invariants.
MOZ_ASSERT_IF(!zone()->isGCPreparing() && isMarkedBlack() && expando,
*slotOfExpando() = ObjectOrNullValue(expando);
void ProxyObject::nuke() {
// Notify the zone that a delegate is no longer a delegate. Be careful not to
// expose this pointer, because it has already been removed from the wrapper
// map yet we have assertions during tracing that will verify that it is
// still present.
JSObject* delegate = UncheckedUnwrapWithoutExpose(this);
if (delegate != this) {
delegate->zone()->beforeClearDelegate(this, delegate);
// Clear the target reference and replaced it with a value that encodes
// various information about the original target.
// Clear out the expando
// Update the handler to make this a DeadObjectProxy.
// The proxy's reserved slots are not cleared and will continue to be
// traced. This avoids the possibility of triggering write barriers while
// nuking proxies in dead compartments which could otherwise cause those
// compartments to be kept alive. Note that these are slots cannot hold
// cross compartment pointers, so this cannot cause the target compartment
// to leak.
JS_PUBLIC_API void js::detail::SetValueInProxy(Value* slot,
const Value& value) {
// Slots in proxies are not GCPtr<Value>s, so do a cast whenever assigning
// values to them which might trigger a barrier.
*reinterpret_cast<GCPtr<Value>*>(slot) = value;