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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80:
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
* Implementation details of the atoms table.
#ifndef vm_AtomsTable_h
#define vm_AtomsTable_h
#include "gc/Barrier.h"
#include "js/GCHashTable.h"
#include "js/TypeDecls.h"
#include "js/Vector.h"
#include "vm/StringType.h"
* The atoms table is a mapping from strings to JSAtoms that supports
* incremental sweeping.
namespace js {
struct AtomHasher {
struct Lookup;
static inline HashNumber hash(const Lookup& l);
static MOZ_ALWAYS_INLINE bool match(const WeakHeapPtr<JSAtom*>& entry,
const Lookup& lookup);
static void rekey(WeakHeapPtr<JSAtom*>& k,
const WeakHeapPtr<JSAtom*>& newKey) {
k = newKey;
struct js::AtomHasher::Lookup {
union {
const JS::Latin1Char* latin1Chars;
const char16_t* twoByteChars;
const char* utf8Bytes;
enum { TwoByteChar, Latin1, UTF8 } type;
size_t length;
size_t byteLength;
const JSAtom* atom; /* Optional. */
JS::AutoCheckCannotGC nogc;
HashNumber hash;
MOZ_ALWAYS_INLINE Lookup(const char* utf8Bytes, size_t byteLen, size_t length,
HashNumber hash)
: utf8Bytes(utf8Bytes),
hash(hash) {}
MOZ_ALWAYS_INLINE Lookup(const char16_t* chars, size_t length)
: twoByteChars(chars),
hash(mozilla::HashString(chars, length)) {}
MOZ_ALWAYS_INLINE Lookup(const JS::Latin1Char* chars, size_t length)
: latin1Chars(chars),
hash(mozilla::HashString(chars, length)) {}
MOZ_ALWAYS_INLINE Lookup(HashNumber hash, const char16_t* chars,
size_t length)
: twoByteChars(chars),
hash(hash) {
MOZ_ASSERT(hash == mozilla::HashString(chars, length));
MOZ_ALWAYS_INLINE Lookup(HashNumber hash, const JS::Latin1Char* chars,
size_t length)
: latin1Chars(chars),
hash(hash) {
MOZ_ASSERT(hash == mozilla::HashString(chars, length));
inline explicit Lookup(const JSAtom* atom)
: type(atom->hasLatin1Chars() ? Latin1 : TwoByteChar),
hash(atom->hash()) {
if (type == Latin1) {
latin1Chars = atom->latin1Chars(nogc);
MOZ_ASSERT(mozilla::HashString(latin1Chars, length) == hash);
} else {
MOZ_ASSERT(type == TwoByteChar);
twoByteChars = atom->twoByteChars(nogc);
MOZ_ASSERT(mozilla::HashString(twoByteChars, length) == hash);
// Return: true iff the string in |atom| matches the string in this Lookup.
bool StringsMatch(const JSAtom& atom) const;
// Note: Use a 'class' here to make forward declarations easier to use.
class AtomSet : public JS::GCHashSet<WeakHeapPtr<JSAtom*>, AtomHasher,
SystemAllocPolicy> {
using Base =
JS::GCHashSet<WeakHeapPtr<JSAtom*>, AtomHasher, SystemAllocPolicy>;
AtomSet() = default;
explicit AtomSet(size_t length) : Base(length){};
// This class is a wrapper for AtomSet that is used to ensure the AtomSet is
// not modified. It should only expose read-only methods from AtomSet.
// Note however that the atoms within the table can be marked during GC.
class FrozenAtomSet {
AtomSet* mSet;
// This constructor takes ownership of the passed-in AtomSet.
explicit FrozenAtomSet(AtomSet* set) { mSet = set; }
~FrozenAtomSet() { js_delete(mSet); }
MOZ_ALWAYS_INLINE AtomSet::Ptr readonlyThreadsafeLookup(
const AtomSet::Lookup& l) const;
size_t sizeOfIncludingThis(mozilla::MallocSizeOf mallocSizeOf) const {
return mSet->shallowSizeOfIncludingThis(mallocSizeOf);
using Range = AtomSet::Range;
AtomSet::Range all() const { return mSet->all(); }
class AtomsTable {
// Use a low initial capacity for atom hash tables to avoid penalizing
// runtimes which create a small number of atoms.
static const size_t InitialTableSize = 16;
// The main atoms set.
AtomSet atoms;
// Set of atoms added while the |atoms| set is being swept.
AtomSet* atomsAddedWhileSweeping;
// List of pinned atoms that are traced in every GC.
Vector<JSAtom*, 0, SystemAllocPolicy> pinnedAtoms;
// An iterator used for sweeping atoms incrementally.
using SweepIterator = AtomSet::Enum;
bool init();
template <typename CharT>
MOZ_ALWAYS_INLINE JSAtom* atomizeAndCopyCharsNonStaticValidLength(
JSContext* cx, const CharT* chars, size_t length,
const mozilla::Maybe<uint32_t>& indexValue,
const AtomHasher::Lookup& lookup);
bool maybePinExistingAtom(JSContext* cx, JSAtom* atom);
void tracePinnedAtoms(JSTracer* trc);
// Sweep all atoms non-incrementally.
void traceWeak(JSTracer* trc);
bool startIncrementalSweep(mozilla::Maybe<SweepIterator>& atomsToSweepOut);
// Sweep some atoms incrementally and return whether we finished.
bool sweepIncrementally(SweepIterator& atomsToSweep, SliceBudget& budget);
size_t sizeOfIncludingThis(mozilla::MallocSizeOf mallocSizeOf) const;
void mergeAtomsAddedWhileSweeping();
bool AtomIsPinned(JSContext* cx, JSAtom* atom);
} // namespace js
#endif /* vm_AtomsTable_h */