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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80:
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef jsshell_js_h
#define jsshell_js_h
#include "mozilla/Atomics.h"
#include "mozilla/Maybe.h"
#include "mozilla/TimeStamp.h"
#include "builtin/MapObject.h"
#include "js/CompileOptions.h"
#include "js/GCVector.h"
#include "shell/ModuleLoader.h"
#include "threading/ConditionVariable.h"
#include "threading/LockGuard.h"
#include "threading/Mutex.h"
#include "threading/Thread.h"
#include "vm/GeckoProfiler.h"
#include "vm/Monitor.h"
// Some platform hooks must be implemented for single-step profiling.
#if defined(JS_SIMULATOR_ARM) || defined(JS_SIMULATOR_MIPS64) || \
namespace js {
namespace shell {
// Define use of application-specific slots on the shell's global object.
enum GlobalAppSlot { GlobalAppSlotModuleRegistry, GlobalAppSlotCount };
static_assert(GlobalAppSlotCount <= JSCLASS_GLOBAL_APPLICATION_SLOTS,
"Too many applications slots defined for shell global");
enum JSShellErrNum {
#define MSG_DEF(name, count, exception, format) name,
#include "jsshell.msg"
#undef MSG_DEF
const JSErrorFormatString* my_GetErrorMessage(void* userRef,
const unsigned errorNumber);
void WarningReporter(JSContext* cx, JSErrorReport* report);
class MOZ_STACK_CLASS AutoReportException {
JSContext* cx;
explicit AutoReportException(JSContext* cx) : cx(cx) {}
bool GenerateInterfaceHelp(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleObject obj,
const char* name);
JSString* FileAsString(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleString pathnameStr);
class AutoCloseFile {
FILE* f_;
explicit AutoCloseFile(FILE* f) : f_(f) {}
~AutoCloseFile() { (void)release(); }
bool release() {
bool success = true;
if (f_ && f_ != stdin && f_ != stdout && f_ != stderr) {
success = !fclose(f_);
f_ = nullptr;
return success;
// Reference counted file.
struct RCFile {
FILE* fp;
uint32_t numRefs;
RCFile() : fp(nullptr), numRefs(0) {}
explicit RCFile(FILE* fp) : fp(fp), numRefs(0) {}
void acquire() { numRefs++; }
// Starts out with a ref count of zero.
static RCFile* create(JSContext* cx, const char* filename, const char* mode);
void close();
bool isOpen() const { return fp; }
bool release();
// Shell command-line arguments and count.
extern int sArgc;
extern char** sArgv;
// Shell state set once at startup.
extern const char* selfHostedXDRPath;
extern bool encodeSelfHostedCode;
extern bool enableCodeCoverage;
extern bool enableDisassemblyDumps;
extern bool offthreadCompilation;
extern JS::DelazificationOption defaultDelazificationMode;
extern bool enableAsmJS;
extern bool enableWasm;
extern bool enableSharedMemory;
extern bool enableWasmBaseline;
extern bool enableWasmOptimizing;
extern bool enableWasmVerbose;
extern bool enableTestWasmAwaitTier2;
extern bool enableSourcePragmas;
extern bool enableAsyncStacks;
extern bool enableAsyncStackCaptureDebuggeeOnly;
extern bool enableWeakRefs;
extern bool enableToSource;
extern bool enablePropertyErrorMessageFix;
extern bool enableIteratorHelpers;
extern bool enableShadowRealms;
extern bool enableArrayGrouping;
extern bool enableWellFormedUnicodeStrings;
extern bool enableArrayBufferTransfer;
extern bool enableArrayBufferResizable;
extern bool enableSymbolsAsWeakMapKeys;
extern bool enableJSONParseWithSource;
extern bool enableNewSetMethods;
extern bool enableImportAttributes;
extern bool enableImportAttributesAssertSyntax;
extern bool enableDestructuringFuse;
#ifdef JS_GC_ZEAL
extern uint32_t gZealBits;
extern uint32_t gZealFrequency;
extern bool printTiming;
extern RCFile* gErrFile;
extern RCFile* gOutFile;
extern bool reportWarnings;
extern bool compileOnly;
extern bool disableOOMFunctions;
extern bool defaultToSameCompartment;
#ifdef DEBUG
extern bool dumpEntrainedVariables;
extern bool OOM_printAllocationCount;
extern bool useFdlibmForSinCosTan;
extern UniqueChars processWideModuleLoadPath;
// Alias the global dstName to namespaceObj.srcName. For example, if dstName is
// "snarf", namespaceObj represents "os.file", and srcName is "readFile", then
// this is equivalent to the JS code:
// snarf = os.file.readFile;
// This provides a mechanism for namespacing the various JS shell helper
// functions without breaking backwards compatibility with things that use the
// global names.
bool CreateAlias(JSContext* cx, const char* dstName,
JS::HandleObject namespaceObj, const char* srcName);
class NonshrinkingGCObjectVector
: public GCVector<HeapPtr<JSObject*>, 0, SystemAllocPolicy> {
bool traceWeak(JSTracer* trc) {
for (HeapPtr<JSObject*>& obj : *this) {
TraceWeakEdge(trc, &obj, "NonshrinkingGCObjectVector element");
return true;
using MarkBitObservers = WeakCache<NonshrinkingGCObjectVector>;
using StackChars = Vector<char16_t, 0, SystemAllocPolicy>;
class OffThreadJob;
// Per-context shell state.
struct ShellContext {
enum IsWorkerEnum { Worker = true, MainThread = false };
explicit ShellContext(JSContext* cx, IsWorkerEnum isWorker_);
bool registerWithCx(JSContext* cx);
JSContext* cx_;
const IsWorkerEnum isWorker;
bool lastWarningEnabled;
// Track promise rejections and report unhandled rejections.
bool trackUnhandledRejections;
double timeoutInterval;
double startTime;
mozilla::Atomic<bool> serviceInterrupt;
mozilla::Atomic<bool> haveInterruptFunc;
JS::PersistentRootedValue interruptFunc;
JS::PersistentRootedValue lastWarning;
JS::PersistentRootedValue promiseRejectionTrackerCallback;
// Rejected promises that are not yet handled. Added when rejection
// happens, and removed when rejection is handled. This uses SetObject to
// report unhandled rejections in the rejected order.
JS::PersistentRooted<SetObject*> unhandledRejectedPromises;
Vector<StackChars, 0, SystemAllocPolicy> stacks;
* Watchdog thread state.
js::Mutex watchdogLock MOZ_UNANNOTATED;
js::ConditionVariable watchdogWakeup;
mozilla::Maybe<js::Thread> watchdogThread;
mozilla::Maybe<mozilla::TimeStamp> watchdogTimeout;
js::ConditionVariable sleepWakeup;
int exitCode;
bool quitting;
JS::UniqueChars readLineBuf;
size_t readLineBufPos;
js::shell::RCFile** errFilePtr;
js::shell::RCFile** outFilePtr;
UniquePtr<ProfilingStack> geckoProfilingStack;
UniquePtr<ModuleLoader> moduleLoader;
UniquePtr<MarkBitObservers> markObservers;
// Off-thread parse state.
js::Monitor offThreadMonitor MOZ_UNANNOTATED;
Vector<OffThreadJob*, 0, SystemAllocPolicy> offThreadJobs;
// Queued finalization registry cleanup jobs.
using FunctionVector = GCVector<JSFunction*, 0, SystemAllocPolicy>;
JS::PersistentRooted<FunctionVector> finalizationRegistryCleanupCallbacks;
extern ShellContext* GetShellContext(JSContext* cx);
[[nodiscard]] extern bool PrintStackTrace(JSContext* cx,
JS::Handle<JSObject*> stackObj);
} /* namespace shell */
} /* namespace js */