Name Description Size
BaseProxyHandler.cpp 13408
CrossCompartmentWrapper.cpp 23502
DeadObjectProxy.cpp 5809
DeadObjectProxy.h Standard internal methods. 4593
DOMProxy.cpp DOM proxy-related functionality, including expando support. 1586
DOMProxy.h DOM proxy details that don't need to be exported as friend API. 1091
OpaqueCrossCompartmentWrapper.cpp 6048
Proxy.cpp 33600
Proxy.h Dispatch point for handlers that executes the appropriate C++ or scripted traps. Important: All proxy methods need either (a) an AutoEnterPolicy in their Proxy::foo entry point below or (b) an override in SecurityWrapper. See bug 945826 comment 0. 5339
ScriptedProxyHandler.cpp 42600
ScriptedProxyHandler.h Derived class for all scripted proxy handlers. 5671
SecurityWrapper.cpp 3813
Wrapper.cpp Make the 'background-finalized-ness' of the wrapper the same as the wrapped object, to allow transplanting between them. 17217