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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80:
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef jit_x86_shared_CodeGenerator_x86_shared_h
#define jit_x86_shared_CodeGenerator_x86_shared_h
#include "jit/shared/CodeGenerator-shared.h"
#include "js/ScalarType.h" // js::Scalar::Type
namespace js {
namespace jit {
class CodeGeneratorX86Shared;
class OutOfLineBailout;
class OutOfLineUndoALUOperation;
class OutOfLineLoadTypedArrayOutOfBounds;
class MulNegativeZeroCheck;
class ModOverflowCheck;
class ReturnZero;
class OutOfLineTableSwitch;
using OutOfLineWasmTruncateCheck =
class CodeGeneratorX86Shared : public CodeGeneratorShared {
friend class MoveResolverX86;
template <typename T>
void bailout(const T& t, LSnapshot* snapshot);
CodeGeneratorX86Shared(MIRGenerator* gen, LIRGraph* graph,
MacroAssembler* masm);
// Load a NaN or zero into a register for an out of bounds AsmJS load.
class OutOfLineAsmJSLoadHeapOutOfBounds
: public OutOfLineCodeBase<CodeGeneratorX86Shared> {
AnyRegister dest_;
Scalar::Type viewType_;
OutOfLineAsmJSLoadHeapOutOfBounds(AnyRegister dest, Scalar::Type viewType)
: dest_(dest), viewType_(viewType) {}
AnyRegister dest() const { return dest_; }
Scalar::Type viewType() const { return viewType_; }
void accept(CodeGeneratorX86Shared* codegen) override {
NonAssertingLabel deoptLabel_;
Operand ToOperand(const LAllocation& a);
Operand ToOperand(const LAllocation* a);
Operand ToOperand(const LDefinition* def);
#ifdef JS_PUNBOX64
Operand ToOperandOrRegister64(const LInt64Allocation input);
Register64 ToOperandOrRegister64(const LInt64Allocation input);
MoveOperand toMoveOperand(LAllocation a) const;
void bailoutIf(Assembler::Condition condition, LSnapshot* snapshot);
void bailoutIf(Assembler::DoubleCondition condition, LSnapshot* snapshot);
void bailoutFrom(Label* label, LSnapshot* snapshot);
void bailout(LSnapshot* snapshot);
template <typename T1, typename T2>
void bailoutCmpPtr(Assembler::Condition c, T1 lhs, T2 rhs,
LSnapshot* snapshot) {
masm.cmpPtr(lhs, rhs);
bailoutIf(c, snapshot);
void bailoutTestPtr(Assembler::Condition c, Register lhs, Register rhs,
LSnapshot* snapshot) {
masm.testPtr(lhs, rhs);
bailoutIf(c, snapshot);
template <typename T1, typename T2>
void bailoutCmp32(Assembler::Condition c, T1 lhs, T2 rhs,
LSnapshot* snapshot) {
masm.cmp32(lhs, rhs);
bailoutIf(c, snapshot);
template <typename T1, typename T2>
void bailoutTest32(Assembler::Condition c, T1 lhs, T2 rhs,
LSnapshot* snapshot) {
masm.test32(lhs, rhs);
bailoutIf(c, snapshot);
void bailoutIfFalseBool(Register reg, LSnapshot* snapshot) {
masm.test32(reg, Imm32(0xFF));
bailoutIf(Assembler::Zero, snapshot);
void bailoutCvttsd2si(FloatRegister src, Register dest, LSnapshot* snapshot) {
Label bail;
masm.truncateDoubleToInt32(src, dest, &bail);
bailoutFrom(&bail, snapshot);
void bailoutCvttss2si(FloatRegister src, Register dest, LSnapshot* snapshot) {
Label bail;
masm.truncateFloat32ToInt32(src, dest, &bail);
bailoutFrom(&bail, snapshot);
bool generateOutOfLineCode();
void emitCompare(MCompare::CompareType type, const LAllocation* left,
const LAllocation* right);
// Emits a branch that directs control flow to the true block if |cond| is
// true, and the false block if |cond| is false.
void emitBranch(Assembler::Condition cond, MBasicBlock* ifTrue,
MBasicBlock* ifFalse,
Assembler::NaNCond ifNaN = Assembler::NaN_HandledByCond);
void emitBranch(Assembler::DoubleCondition cond, MBasicBlock* ifTrue,
MBasicBlock* ifFalse);
void testNullEmitBranch(Assembler::Condition cond, const ValueOperand& value,
MBasicBlock* ifTrue, MBasicBlock* ifFalse) {
cond = masm.testNull(cond, value);
emitBranch(cond, ifTrue, ifFalse);
void testUndefinedEmitBranch(Assembler::Condition cond,
const ValueOperand& value, MBasicBlock* ifTrue,
MBasicBlock* ifFalse) {
cond = masm.testUndefined(cond, value);
emitBranch(cond, ifTrue, ifFalse);
void testObjectEmitBranch(Assembler::Condition cond,
const ValueOperand& value, MBasicBlock* ifTrue,
MBasicBlock* ifFalse) {
cond = masm.testObject(cond, value);
emitBranch(cond, ifTrue, ifFalse);
void testZeroEmitBranch(Assembler::Condition cond, Register reg,
MBasicBlock* ifTrue, MBasicBlock* ifFalse) {
MOZ_ASSERT(cond == Assembler::Equal || cond == Assembler::NotEqual);
masm.cmpPtr(reg, ImmWord(0));
emitBranch(cond, ifTrue, ifFalse);
void emitTableSwitchDispatch(MTableSwitch* mir, Register index,
Register base);
void generateInvalidateEpilogue();
void canonicalizeIfDeterministic(Scalar::Type type, const LAllocation* value);
template <typename T>
Operand toMemoryAccessOperand(T* lir, int32_t disp);
// Out of line visitors.
void visitOutOfLineBailout(OutOfLineBailout* ool);
void visitOutOfLineUndoALUOperation(OutOfLineUndoALUOperation* ool);
void visitMulNegativeZeroCheck(MulNegativeZeroCheck* ool);
void visitModOverflowCheck(ModOverflowCheck* ool);
void visitReturnZero(ReturnZero* ool);
void visitOutOfLineTableSwitch(OutOfLineTableSwitch* ool);
void visitOutOfLineAsmJSLoadHeapOutOfBounds(
OutOfLineAsmJSLoadHeapOutOfBounds* ool);
void visitOutOfLineWasmTruncateCheck(OutOfLineWasmTruncateCheck* ool);
// An out-of-line bailout thunk.
class OutOfLineBailout : public OutOfLineCodeBase<CodeGeneratorX86Shared> {
LSnapshot* snapshot_;
explicit OutOfLineBailout(LSnapshot* snapshot) : snapshot_(snapshot) {}
void accept(CodeGeneratorX86Shared* codegen) override;
LSnapshot* snapshot() const { return snapshot_; }
} // namespace jit
} // namespace js
#endif /* jit_x86_shared_CodeGenerator_x86_shared_h */