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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80:
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef jit_JitRuntime_h
#define jit_JitRuntime_h
#include "mozilla/Assertions.h"
#include "mozilla/Atomics.h"
#include "mozilla/EnumeratedArray.h"
#include "mozilla/LinkedList.h"
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "jstypes.h"
#include "jit/ABIFunctions.h"
#include "jit/BaselineICList.h"
#include "jit/BaselineJIT.h"
#include "jit/CalleeToken.h"
#include "jit/InterpreterEntryTrampoline.h"
#include "jit/IonCompileTask.h"
#include "jit/IonTypes.h"
#include "jit/JitCode.h"
#include "jit/JitHints.h"
#include "jit/shared/Assembler-shared.h"
#include "jit/TrampolineNatives.h"
#include "js/AllocPolicy.h"
#include "js/ProfilingFrameIterator.h"
#include "js/TypeDecls.h"
#include "js/UniquePtr.h"
#include "js/Vector.h"
#include "threading/ProtectedData.h"
#include "vm/GeckoProfiler.h"
#include "vm/Runtime.h"
class JS_PUBLIC_API JSTracer;
namespace js {
class AutoLockHelperThreadState;
class GCMarker;
enum class ArraySortKind;
namespace jit {
class FrameSizeClass;
class Label;
class MacroAssembler;
struct VMFunctionData;
enum class VMFunctionId;
enum class BaselineICFallbackKind : uint8_t {
#define DEF_ENUM_KIND(kind) kind,
enum class BailoutReturnKind {
// Class storing code and offsets for all Baseline IC fallback trampolines. This
// is stored in JitRuntime and generated when creating the JitRuntime.
class BaselineICFallbackCode {
JitCode* code_ = nullptr;
using OffsetArray =
mozilla::EnumeratedArray<BaselineICFallbackKind, uint32_t,
OffsetArray offsets_ = {};
// Keep track of offset into various baseline stubs' code at return
// point from called script.
using BailoutReturnArray =
mozilla::EnumeratedArray<BailoutReturnKind, uint32_t,
BailoutReturnArray bailoutReturnOffsets_ = {};
BaselineICFallbackCode() = default;
BaselineICFallbackCode(const BaselineICFallbackCode&) = delete;
void operator=(const BaselineICFallbackCode&) = delete;
void initOffset(BaselineICFallbackKind kind, uint32_t offset) {
offsets_[kind] = offset;
void initCode(JitCode* code) { code_ = code; }
void initBailoutReturnOffset(BailoutReturnKind kind, uint32_t offset) {
bailoutReturnOffsets_[kind] = offset;
TrampolinePtr addr(BaselineICFallbackKind kind) const {
return TrampolinePtr(code_->raw() + offsets_[kind]);
uint8_t* bailoutReturnAddr(BailoutReturnKind kind) const {
return code_->raw() + bailoutReturnOffsets_[kind];
enum class ArgumentsRectifierKind { Normal, TrialInlining };
enum class DebugTrapHandlerKind { Interpreter, Compiler, Count };
enum class IonGenericCallKind { Call, Construct, Count };
using EnterJitCode = void (*)(void*, unsigned int, Value*, InterpreterFrame*,
CalleeToken, JSObject*, size_t, Value*);
class JitcodeGlobalTable;
class PerfSpewerRangeRecorder;
class JitRuntime {
MainThreadData<uint64_t> nextCompilationId_{0};
// Buffer for OSR from baseline to Ion. To avoid holding on to this for too
// long it's also freed in EnterBaseline and EnterJit (after returning from
// JIT code).
MainThreadData<js::UniquePtr<uint8_t>> ionOsrTempData_{nullptr};
MainThreadData<uint32_t> ionOsrTempDataSize_{0};
// List of Ion compile tasks that should be freed. Used to batch multiple
// tasks into a single IonFreeTask.
MainThreadData<IonFreeCompileTasks> ionFreeTaskBatch_;
// Shared exception-handler tail.
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> exceptionTailOffset_{0};
// Shared profiler exit frame tail.
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> profilerExitFrameTailOffset_{0};
// Trampoline for entering JIT code.
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> enterJITOffset_{0};
// Generic bailout table; used if the bailout table overflows.
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> bailoutHandlerOffset_{0};
// Argument-rectifying thunks, in the case of insufficient arguments passed
// to a function call site. The return offset is used to rebuild stack frames
// when bailing out.
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> argumentsRectifierOffset_{0};
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> trialInliningArgumentsRectifierOffset_{0};
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> argumentsRectifierReturnOffset_{0};
// Thunk that invalides an (Ion compiled) caller on the Ion stack.
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> invalidatorOffset_{0};
// Thunk that calls the GC pre barrier.
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> valuePreBarrierOffset_{0};
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> stringPreBarrierOffset_{0};
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> objectPreBarrierOffset_{0};
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> shapePreBarrierOffset_{0};
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> wasmAnyRefPreBarrierOffset_{0};
// Thunk to call malloc/free.
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> freeStubOffset_{0};
// Thunk called to finish compilation of an IonScript.
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> lazyLinkStubOffset_{0};
// Thunk to enter the interpreter from JIT code.
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> interpreterStubOffset_{0};
// Thunk to convert the value in R0 to int32 if it's a double.
// Note: this stub treats -0 as +0 and may clobber R1.scratchReg().
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> doubleToInt32ValueStubOffset_{0};
// Thunk to do a generic call from Ion.
mozilla::EnumeratedArray<IonGenericCallKind, WriteOnceData<uint32_t>,
// Thunk used by the debugger for breakpoint and step mode.
mozilla::EnumeratedArray<DebugTrapHandlerKind, WriteOnceData<JitCode*>,
// BaselineInterpreter state.
BaselineInterpreter baselineInterpreter_;
// Code for trampolines and VMFunction wrappers.
WriteOnceData<JitCode*> trampolineCode_{nullptr};
// Thunk that calls into the C++ interpreter from the interpreter
// entry trampoline that is generated with --emit-interpreter-entry
WriteOnceData<uint32_t> vmInterpreterEntryOffset_{0};
// Maps VMFunctionId to the offset of the wrapper code in trampolineCode_.
using VMWrapperOffsets = Vector<uint32_t, 0, SystemAllocPolicy>;
VMWrapperOffsets functionWrapperOffsets_;
MainThreadData<BaselineICFallbackCode> baselineICFallbackCode_;
// Global table of jitcode native address => bytecode address mappings.
UnprotectedData<JitcodeGlobalTable*> jitcodeGlobalTable_{nullptr};
// Map that stores Jit Hints for each script.
MainThreadData<JitHintsMap*> jitHintsMap_{nullptr};
// Map used to collect entry trampolines for the Interpreters which is used
// for external profiling to identify which functions are being interpreted.
MainThreadData<EntryTrampolineMap*> interpreterEntryMap_{nullptr};
#ifdef DEBUG
// The number of possible bailing places encountered before forcefully bailing
// in that place if the counter reaches zero. Note that zero also means
// inactive.
MainThreadData<uint32_t> ionBailAfterCounter_{0};
// Whether the bailAfter mechanism is enabled. Used to avoid generating the
// Ion code instrumentation for ionBailAfterCounter_ if the testing function
// isn't used.
MainThreadData<bool> ionBailAfterEnabled_{false};
// Number of Ion compilations which were finished off thread and are
// waiting to be lazily linked. This is only set while holding the helper
// thread state lock, but may be read from at other times.
typedef mozilla::Atomic<size_t, mozilla::SequentiallyConsistent>
NumFinishedOffThreadTasksType numFinishedOffThreadTasks_{0};
// List of Ion compilation waiting to get linked.
using IonCompileTaskList = mozilla::LinkedList<js::jit::IonCompileTask>;
MainThreadData<IonCompileTaskList> ionLazyLinkList_;
MainThreadData<size_t> ionLazyLinkListSize_{0};
// Pointer to trampoline code for each TrampolineNative. The JSFunction has
// a JitEntry pointer that points to an item in this array.
using TrampolineNativeJitEntryArray =
mozilla::EnumeratedArray<TrampolineNative, void*,
TrampolineNativeJitEntryArray trampolineNativeJitEntries_{};
#ifdef DEBUG
// Flag that can be set from JIT code to indicate it's invalid to call
// arbitrary JS code in a particular region. This is checked in RunScript.
MainThreadData<uint32_t> disallowArbitraryCode_{false};
bool generateTrampolines(JSContext* cx);
bool generateBaselineICFallbackCode(JSContext* cx);
void generateLazyLinkStub(MacroAssembler& masm);
void generateInterpreterStub(MacroAssembler& masm);
void generateDoubleToInt32ValueStub(MacroAssembler& masm);
void generateProfilerExitFrameTailStub(MacroAssembler& masm,
Label* profilerExitTail);
void generateExceptionTailStub(MacroAssembler& masm, Label* profilerExitTail,
Label* bailoutTail);
void generateBailoutTailStub(MacroAssembler& masm, Label* bailoutTail);
void generateEnterJIT(JSContext* cx, MacroAssembler& masm);
void generateArgumentsRectifier(MacroAssembler& masm,
ArgumentsRectifierKind kind);
void generateBailoutHandler(MacroAssembler& masm, Label* bailoutTail);
void generateInvalidator(MacroAssembler& masm, Label* bailoutTail);
uint32_t generatePreBarrier(JSContext* cx, MacroAssembler& masm,
MIRType type);
void generateFreeStub(MacroAssembler& masm);
void generateIonGenericCallStub(MacroAssembler& masm,
IonGenericCallKind kind);
// Helper functions for generateIonGenericCallStub
void generateIonGenericCallBoundFunction(MacroAssembler& masm, Label* entry,
Label* vmCall);
void generateIonGenericCallNativeFunction(MacroAssembler& masm,
bool isConstructing);
void generateIonGenericCallFunCall(MacroAssembler& masm, Label* entry,
Label* vmCall);
void generateIonGenericCallArgumentsShift(MacroAssembler& masm, Register argc,
Register curr, Register end,
Register scratch, Label* done);
JitCode* generateDebugTrapHandler(JSContext* cx, DebugTrapHandlerKind kind);
bool generateVMWrapper(JSContext* cx, MacroAssembler& masm, VMFunctionId id,
const VMFunctionData& f, DynFn nativeFun,
uint32_t* wrapperOffset);
bool generateVMWrappers(JSContext* cx, MacroAssembler& masm,
PerfSpewerRangeRecorder& rangeRecorder);
uint32_t startTrampolineCode(MacroAssembler& masm);
TrampolinePtr trampolineCode(uint32_t offset) const {
MOZ_ASSERT(offset > 0);
MOZ_ASSERT(offset < trampolineCode_->instructionsSize());
return TrampolinePtr(trampolineCode_->raw() + offset);
void generateBaselineInterpreterEntryTrampoline(MacroAssembler& masm);
void generateInterpreterEntryTrampoline(MacroAssembler& masm);
using TrampolineNativeJitEntryOffsets =
mozilla::EnumeratedArray<TrampolineNative, uint32_t,
void generateTrampolineNatives(MacroAssembler& masm,
TrampolineNativeJitEntryOffsets& offsets,
PerfSpewerRangeRecorder& rangeRecorder);
uint32_t generateArraySortTrampoline(MacroAssembler& masm,
ArraySortKind kind);
void bindLabelToOffset(Label* label, uint32_t offset) {
JitCode* generateEntryTrampolineForScript(JSContext* cx, JSScript* script);
JitRuntime() = default;
[[nodiscard]] bool initialize(JSContext* cx);
static void TraceAtomZoneRoots(JSTracer* trc);
[[nodiscard]] static bool MarkJitcodeGlobalTableIteratively(GCMarker* marker);
static void TraceWeakJitcodeGlobalTable(JSRuntime* rt, JSTracer* trc);
const BaselineICFallbackCode& baselineICFallbackCode() const {
return baselineICFallbackCode_.ref();
IonCompilationId nextCompilationId() {
return IonCompilationId(nextCompilationId_++);
[[nodiscard]] bool addIonCompileToFreeTaskBatch(IonCompileTask* task) {
return ionFreeTaskBatch_.ref().append(task);
void maybeStartIonFreeTask(bool force);
#ifdef DEBUG
bool disallowArbitraryCode() const { return disallowArbitraryCode_; }
void clearDisallowArbitraryCode() { disallowArbitraryCode_ = false; }
const void* addressOfDisallowArbitraryCode() const {
return &disallowArbitraryCode_.refNoCheck();
uint8_t* allocateIonOsrTempData(size_t size);
void freeIonOsrTempData();
TrampolinePtr getVMWrapper(VMFunctionId funId) const {
return trampolineCode(functionWrapperOffsets_[size_t(funId)]);
JitCode* debugTrapHandler(JSContext* cx, DebugTrapHandlerKind kind);
BaselineInterpreter& baselineInterpreter() { return baselineInterpreter_; }
TrampolinePtr getGenericBailoutHandler() const {
return trampolineCode(bailoutHandlerOffset_);
TrampolinePtr getExceptionTail() const {
return trampolineCode(exceptionTailOffset_);
TrampolinePtr getProfilerExitFrameTail() const {
return trampolineCode(profilerExitFrameTailOffset_);
TrampolinePtr getArgumentsRectifier(
ArgumentsRectifierKind kind = ArgumentsRectifierKind::Normal) const {
if (kind == ArgumentsRectifierKind::TrialInlining) {
return trampolineCode(trialInliningArgumentsRectifierOffset_);
return trampolineCode(argumentsRectifierOffset_);
uint32_t vmInterpreterEntryOffset() { return vmInterpreterEntryOffset_; }
TrampolinePtr getArgumentsRectifierReturnAddr() const {
return trampolineCode(argumentsRectifierReturnOffset_);
TrampolinePtr getInvalidationThunk() const {
return trampolineCode(invalidatorOffset_);
EnterJitCode enterJit() const {
return JS_DATA_TO_FUNC_PTR(EnterJitCode,
// Return the registers from the native caller frame of the given JIT frame.
// Nothing{} if frameStackAddress is NOT pointing at a native-to-JIT entry
// frame, or if the information is not accessible/implemented on this
// platform.
static mozilla::Maybe<::JS::ProfilingFrameIterator::RegisterState>
getCppEntryRegisters(JitFrameLayout* frameStackAddress);
TrampolinePtr preBarrier(MIRType type) const {
switch (type) {
case MIRType::Value:
return trampolineCode(valuePreBarrierOffset_);
case MIRType::String:
return trampolineCode(stringPreBarrierOffset_);
case MIRType::Object:
return trampolineCode(objectPreBarrierOffset_);
case MIRType::Shape:
return trampolineCode(shapePreBarrierOffset_);
case MIRType::WasmAnyRef:
return trampolineCode(wasmAnyRefPreBarrierOffset_);
TrampolinePtr freeStub() const { return trampolineCode(freeStubOffset_); }
TrampolinePtr lazyLinkStub() const {
return trampolineCode(lazyLinkStubOffset_);
TrampolinePtr interpreterStub() const {
return trampolineCode(interpreterStubOffset_);
TrampolinePtr getDoubleToInt32ValueStub() const {
return trampolineCode(doubleToInt32ValueStubOffset_);
TrampolinePtr getIonGenericCallStub(IonGenericCallKind kind) const {
return trampolineCode(ionGenericCallStubOffset_[kind]);
void** trampolineNativeJitEntry(TrampolineNative native) {
void** jitEntry = &trampolineNativeJitEntries_[native];
MOZ_ASSERT(*jitEntry >= trampolineCode_->raw());
MOZ_ASSERT(*jitEntry <
trampolineCode_->raw() + trampolineCode_->instructionsSize());
return jitEntry;
TrampolineNative trampolineNativeForJitEntry(void** entry) {
MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT(entry >= trampolineNativeJitEntries_.begin());
size_t index = entry - trampolineNativeJitEntries_.begin();
MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT(index < size_t(TrampolineNative::Count));
return TrampolineNative(index);
bool hasJitcodeGlobalTable() const { return jitcodeGlobalTable_ != nullptr; }
JitcodeGlobalTable* getJitcodeGlobalTable() {
return jitcodeGlobalTable_;
bool hasJitHintsMap() const { return jitHintsMap_ != nullptr; }
JitHintsMap* getJitHintsMap() {
return jitHintsMap_;
bool hasInterpreterEntryMap() const {
return interpreterEntryMap_ != nullptr;
EntryTrampolineMap* getInterpreterEntryMap() {
return interpreterEntryMap_;
bool isProfilerInstrumentationEnabled(JSRuntime* rt) {
return rt->geckoProfiler().enabled();
bool isOptimizationTrackingEnabled(JSRuntime* rt) {
return isProfilerInstrumentationEnabled(rt);
#ifdef DEBUG
void* addressOfIonBailAfterCounter() { return &ionBailAfterCounter_; }
// Set after how many bailing places we should forcefully bail.
// Zero disables this feature.
void setIonBailAfterCounter(uint32_t after) { ionBailAfterCounter_ = after; }
bool ionBailAfterEnabled() const { return ionBailAfterEnabled_; }
void setIonBailAfterEnabled(bool enabled) { ionBailAfterEnabled_ = enabled; }
size_t numFinishedOffThreadTasks() const {
return numFinishedOffThreadTasks_;
NumFinishedOffThreadTasksType& numFinishedOffThreadTasksRef(
const AutoLockHelperThreadState& locked) {
return numFinishedOffThreadTasks_;
IonCompileTaskList& ionLazyLinkList(JSRuntime* rt);
size_t ionLazyLinkListSize() const { return ionLazyLinkListSize_; }
void ionLazyLinkListRemove(JSRuntime* rt, js::jit::IonCompileTask* task);
void ionLazyLinkListAdd(JSRuntime* rt, js::jit::IonCompileTask* task);
} // namespace jit
} // namespace js
#endif /* jit_JitRuntime_h */