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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80:
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef jit_JitOptions_h
#define jit_JitOptions_h
#include "mozilla/Maybe.h"
#include "jit/IonTypes.h"
#include "js/TypeDecls.h"
namespace js {
namespace jit {
// Possible register allocators which may be used.
enum IonRegisterAllocator {
// Which register to use as base register to access stack slots: frame pointer,
// stack pointer, or whichever is the default for this platform. See comment
// for baseRegForLocals in JitOptions.cpp for more information.
enum class BaseRegForAddress { Default, FP, SP };
enum class UseMonomorphicInlining : uint8_t {
static inline mozilla::Maybe<IonRegisterAllocator> LookupRegisterAllocator(
const char* name) {
if (!strcmp(name, "backtracking")) {
return mozilla::Some(RegisterAllocator_Backtracking);
if (!strcmp(name, "testbed")) {
return mozilla::Some(RegisterAllocator_Testbed);
return mozilla::Nothing();
struct DefaultJitOptions {
bool checkGraphConsistency;
bool checkOsiPointRegisters;
bool checkRangeAnalysis;
bool runExtraChecks;
bool disableJitBackend;
bool disableJitHints;
bool disableAma;
bool disableEaa;
bool disableEdgeCaseAnalysis;
bool disableGvn;
bool disableInlining;
bool disableLicm;
bool disablePruning;
bool disableInstructionReordering;
bool disableIteratorIndices;
bool disableMarkLoadsUsedAsPropertyKeys;
bool disableRangeAnalysis;
bool disableRecoverIns;
bool disableScalarReplacement;
bool disableCacheIR;
bool disableSink;
bool disableRedundantShapeGuards;
bool disableRedundantGCBarriers;
bool disableBailoutLoopCheck;
bool portableBaselineInterpreter;
bool baselineInterpreter;
bool baselineJit;
bool ion;
bool jitForTrustedPrincipals;
bool nativeRegExp;
bool forceInlineCaches;
bool forceMegamorphicICs;
bool fullDebugChecks;
bool limitScriptSize;
bool osr;
bool wasmFoldOffsets;
bool wasmDelayTier2;
bool lessDebugCode;
bool onlyInlineSelfHosted;
bool enableICFramePointers;
bool enableWasmJitExit;
bool enableWasmJitEntry;
bool enableWasmIonFastCalls;
bool enableWasmImportCallSpew;
bool enableWasmFuncCallSpew;
bool emitInterpreterEntryTrampoline;
uint32_t baselineInterpreterWarmUpThreshold;
uint32_t baselineJitWarmUpThreshold;
uint32_t trialInliningWarmUpThreshold;
uint32_t trialInliningInitialWarmUpCount;
UseMonomorphicInlining monomorphicInlining = UseMonomorphicInlining::Default;
uint32_t normalIonWarmUpThreshold;
uint32_t regexpWarmUpThreshold;
uint32_t portableBaselineInterpreterWarmUpThreshold;
uint32_t exceptionBailoutThreshold;
uint32_t frequentBailoutThreshold;
uint32_t maxStackArgs;
uint32_t osrPcMismatchesBeforeRecompile;
uint32_t smallFunctionMaxBytecodeLength;
uint32_t inliningEntryThreshold;
uint32_t jumpThreshold;
uint32_t branchPruningHitCountFactor;
uint32_t branchPruningInstFactor;
uint32_t branchPruningBlockSpanFactor;
uint32_t branchPruningEffectfulInstFactor;
uint32_t branchPruningThreshold;
uint32_t ionMaxScriptSize;
uint32_t ionMaxScriptSizeMainThread;
uint32_t ionMaxLocalsAndArgs;
uint32_t ionMaxLocalsAndArgsMainThread;
uint32_t wasmBatchBaselineThreshold;
uint32_t wasmBatchIonThreshold;
mozilla::Maybe<IonRegisterAllocator> forcedRegisterAllocator;
// Spectre mitigation flags. Each mitigation has its own flag in order to
// measure the effectiveness of each mitigation with various proof of
// concept.
bool spectreIndexMasking;
bool spectreObjectMitigations;
bool spectreStringMitigations;
bool spectreValueMasking;
bool spectreJitToCxxCalls;
bool writeProtectCode;
bool supportsUnalignedAccesses;
BaseRegForAddress baseRegForLocals;
// Irregexp shim flags
bool correctness_fuzzer_suppressions;
bool enable_regexp_unaligned_accesses;
bool js_regexp_modifiers;
bool js_regexp_duplicate_named_groups;
bool regexp_possessive_quantifier;
bool regexp_optimization;
bool regexp_peephole_optimization;
bool regexp_tier_up;
bool trace_regexp_assembler;
bool trace_regexp_bytecodes;
bool trace_regexp_parser;
bool trace_regexp_peephole_optimization;
bool isSmallFunction(JSScript* script) const;
void setEagerPortableBaselineInterpreter();
void setEagerBaselineCompilation();
void setEagerIonCompilation();
void setNormalIonWarmUpThreshold(uint32_t warmUpThreshold);
void resetNormalIonWarmUpThreshold();
void enableGvn(bool val);
void setFastWarmUp();
void maybeSetWriteProtectCode(bool val);
bool eagerIonCompilation() const { return normalIonWarmUpThreshold == 0; }
extern DefaultJitOptions JitOptions;
inline bool HasJitBackend() {
#if defined(JS_CODEGEN_NONE)
return false;
return !JitOptions.disableJitBackend;
inline bool IsBaselineInterpreterEnabled() {
return HasJitBackend() && JitOptions.baselineInterpreter;
inline bool IsPortableBaselineInterpreterEnabled() {
return JitOptions.portableBaselineInterpreter;
inline bool IsPortableBaselineInterpreterEnabled() { return false; }
inline bool TooManyActualArguments(size_t nargs) {
return nargs > JitOptions.maxStackArgs;
} // namespace jit
extern mozilla::Atomic<bool> fuzzingSafe;
static inline bool IsFuzzing() {
#ifdef FUZZING
return true;
return fuzzingSafe;
} // namespace js
#endif /* jit_JitOptions_h */