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NativeRegExpMacroAssembler.cpp This assembler uses the following register assignment convention: - current_character : Must be loaded using LoadCurrentCharacter before using any of the dispatch methods. Temporarily stores the index of capture start after a matching pass for a global regexp. - current_position : Current position in input, as negative offset from end of string. Please notice that this is the byte offset, not the character offset! - input_end_pointer : Points to byte after last character in the input. - backtrack_stack_pointer : Points to tip of the heap allocated backtrack stack - StackPointer : Points to tip of the native stack, used to access arguments, local variables and RegExp registers. The tempN registers are free to use for computations. 54618
NativeRegExpMacroAssembler.h 9537
RegExpAST.cpp 8055
RegExpAST.h 15824
RegExpBytecode.h bc8 6541
RegExpCharacters-inl.h Generated by DO NOT MODIFY 1361
RegExpCharacters.cpp Generated by DO NOT MODIFY 5624
RegExpCharacters.h 3838
RegExpEngine.cpp 190717
RegExpEngine.h 56393
RegExpInterpreter.cpp 18650
RegExpMacroAssembler.cpp 15723
RegExpMacroAssembler.h 13795
RegExpParser.cpp 67623
RegExpParser.h 10881
RegExpStack.cpp 3050
RegExpStack.h 4469