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# Ignore flake8 errors "undefined name 'assert_pretty'"
# As it caused by the way we instanciate this file
# flake8: noqa: F821
import mozilla.prettyprinters
def implemented_type_names(expr):
v = gdb.parse_and_eval(expr)
it = mozilla.prettyprinters.implemented_types(v.type)
return [str(_) for _ in it]
assert_eq(implemented_type_names("i"), ["int"])
assert_eq(implemented_type_names("a"), ["A", "int"])
assert_eq(implemented_type_names("b"), ["B", "A", "int"])
assert_eq(implemented_type_names("c"), ["C"])
assert_eq(implemented_type_names("c_"), ["C_", "C"])
assert_eq(implemented_type_names("e"), ["E", "C", "D"])
assert_eq(implemented_type_names("e_"), ["E_", "E", "C", "D"])
# Some compilers strip trivial typedefs in the debuginfo from classes' base
# classes. Sometimes this can be fixed with -fno-eliminate-unused-debug-types,
# but not always. Allow this test to pass if the typedefs are stripped.
# It would probably be better to figure out how to make the compiler emit them,
# since I think this test is here for a reason.
if gdb.lookup_type("F").fields()[0].name == "C_":
# We have the typedef info.
assert_eq(implemented_type_names("f"), ["F", "C_", "D_", "C", "D"])
assert_eq(implemented_type_names("h"), ["H", "F", "G", "C_", "D_", "C", "D"])
assert_eq(implemented_type_names("f"), ["F", "C", "D"])
assert_eq(implemented_type_names("h"), ["H", "F", "G", "C", "D"])
# Check that our pretty-printers aren't interfering with printing other types.
assert_pretty("10", "10")
assert_pretty("(void*) 0", "") # Because of 'set print address off'