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# Printing JSObjects.
# flake8: noqa: F821
assert_subprinter_registered("SpiderMonkey", "ptr-to-JSObject")
assert_subprinter_registered("SpiderMonkey", "ref-to-JSObject")
# These patterns look a little strange because of's 'set print
# address off', which avoids putting varying addresses in the output. After
# the '(JSObject *) ', there is a 'void *' value printing as the empty
# string.
assert_pretty("glob", "(JSObject *) [object global]")
assert_pretty("plain", "(JSObject *) [object Object]")
assert_pretty("objectProto", "(JSObject *) [object Object] used_as_prototype")
assert_pretty("func", '(JSObject *) [object Function "dys"]')
assert_pretty("anon", "(JSObject *) [object Function <unnamed>]")
assert_pretty("funcPtr", '(JSFunction *) [object Function "formFollows"]')
assert_pretty("badClassName", "(JSObject *) [object \\307X]")
assert_pretty("plainRef", "(JSObject &) @ [object Object]")
assert_pretty("funcRef", '(JSFunction &) @ [object Function "formFollows"]')