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* Ideas:
- char16_t *
- js::Shape, js::Baseshape
- printers for structures with horrible unions (JSString, JSParseNode)
- bring back
- New 'js show' command for showing full trees, property lists, hash table
contents, and so on --- JSParseNode * should not show the whole tree.
Possibly clean up some "pointer-only" stuff in
- 'js show <defn>' lists a JSDefinition's uses
- 'js show <parsenode>' shows entire tree
- 'js show <scope>' lists all properties (parents)
- 'js tree <scope>' shows property tree
- avoid dead union branches in js::Shape; print attrs nicely
- Print JSScope with identifier.
- Print JSAtomSets, and thus PN_NAMESET.
- 'JSClass *' pretty-printer
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