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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80:
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
* GC-internal helper functions for getting the AllocKind used to allocate a
* JSObject and related information.
#ifndef gc_ObjectKind_inl_h
#define gc_ObjectKind_inl_h
#include "util/Memory.h"
#include "vm/NativeObject.h"
namespace js {
namespace gc {
/* Capacity for slotsToThingKind */
const size_t SLOTS_TO_THING_KIND_LIMIT = 17;
extern const AllocKind slotsToThingKind[];
extern const uint32_t slotsToAllocKindBytes[];
/* Get the best kind to use when making an object with the given slot count. */
static inline AllocKind GetGCObjectKind(size_t numSlots) {
if (numSlots >= SLOTS_TO_THING_KIND_LIMIT) {
return AllocKind::OBJECT16;
return slotsToThingKind[numSlots];
static inline AllocKind GetGCObjectKind(const JSClass* clasp) {
"Proxies should use GetProxyGCObjectKind");
uint32_t nslots = JSCLASS_RESERVED_SLOTS(clasp);
return GetGCObjectKind(nslots);
static constexpr bool CanUseFixedElementsForArray(size_t numElements) {
if (numElements > NativeObject::MAX_DENSE_ELEMENTS_COUNT) {
return false;
size_t numSlots = numElements + ObjectElements::VALUES_PER_HEADER;
return numSlots < SLOTS_TO_THING_KIND_LIMIT;
/* As for GetGCObjectKind, but for dense array allocation. */
static inline AllocKind GetGCArrayKind(size_t numElements) {
* Dense arrays can use their fixed slots to hold their elements array
* (less two Values worth of ObjectElements header), but if more than the
* maximum number of fixed slots is needed then the fixed slots will be
* unused.
static_assert(ObjectElements::VALUES_PER_HEADER == 2);
if (!CanUseFixedElementsForArray(numElements)) {
return AllocKind::OBJECT2;
return slotsToThingKind[numElements + ObjectElements::VALUES_PER_HEADER];
static inline AllocKind GetGCObjectFixedSlotsKind(size_t numFixedSlots) {
return slotsToThingKind[numFixedSlots];
// Get the best kind to use when allocating an object that needs a specific
// number of bytes.
static inline AllocKind GetGCObjectKindForBytes(size_t nbytes) {
MOZ_ASSERT(nbytes <= JSObject::MAX_BYTE_SIZE);
if (nbytes <= sizeof(NativeObject)) {
return AllocKind::OBJECT0;
nbytes -= sizeof(NativeObject);
size_t dataSlots = AlignBytes(nbytes, sizeof(Value)) / sizeof(Value);
MOZ_ASSERT(nbytes <= dataSlots * sizeof(Value));
return GetGCObjectKind(dataSlots);
/* Get the number of fixed slots and initial capacity associated with a kind. */
static constexpr inline size_t GetGCKindSlots(AllocKind thingKind) {
// Using a switch in hopes that thingKind will usually be a compile-time
// constant.
switch (thingKind) {
case AllocKind::OBJECT0:
return 0;
case AllocKind::OBJECT2:
return 2;
case AllocKind::FUNCTION:
case AllocKind::OBJECT4:
return 4;
return 7;
case AllocKind::OBJECT8:
return 8;
case AllocKind::OBJECT12:
case AllocKind::OBJECT12_BACKGROUND:
return 12;
case AllocKind::OBJECT16:
case AllocKind::OBJECT16_BACKGROUND:
return 16;
MOZ_CRASH("Bad object alloc kind");
static inline size_t GetGCKindBytes(AllocKind thingKind) {
return sizeof(JSObject_Slots0) + GetGCKindSlots(thingKind) * sizeof(Value);
static inline bool CanUseBackgroundAllocKind(const JSClass* clasp) {
return !clasp->hasFinalize() || (clasp->flags & JSCLASS_BACKGROUND_FINALIZE);
static inline bool CanChangeToBackgroundAllocKind(AllocKind kind,
const JSClass* clasp) {
// If a foreground alloc kind is specified but the class has no finalizer or a
// finalizer that is safe to call on a different thread, we can change the
// alloc kind to one which is finalized on a background thread.
// For example, AllocKind::OBJECT0 calls the finalizer on the main thread, and
// AllocKind::OBJECT0_BACKGROUND calls the finalizer on the a helper thread.
if (IsBackgroundFinalized(kind)) {
return false; // This kind is already a background finalized kind.
return CanUseBackgroundAllocKind(clasp);
static inline AllocKind ForegroundToBackgroundAllocKind(AllocKind fgKind) {
// For objects, each background alloc kind is defined just after the
// corresponding foreground alloc kind so we can convert between them by
// incrementing or decrementing as appropriate.
AllocKind bgKind = AllocKind(size_t(fgKind) + 1);
MOZ_ASSERT(GetGCKindSlots(bgKind) == GetGCKindSlots(fgKind));
return bgKind;
} // namespace gc
} // namespace js
#endif // gc_ObjectKind_inl_h