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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*-
* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80:
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
* Marking and sweeping APIs for use by implementations of different GC cell
* kinds.
#ifndef gc_Marking_h
#define gc_Marking_h
#include "gc/Barrier.h"
#include "gc/Tracer.h"
#include "js/TypeDecls.h"
class JSTracer;
struct JSClass;
namespace js {
class GCMarker;
class Shape;
class WeakMapBase;
namespace gc {
struct Cell;
/*** Liveness ***/
// The IsMarkedInternal and IsAboutToBeFinalizedInternal function templates are
// used to implement the IsMarked and IsAboutToBeFinalized set of functions.
// These internal functions are instantiated for the base GC types and should
// not be called directly.
// Note that there are two function templates declared for each, not one
// template and a specialization. This is necessary so that pointer arguments
// (e.g. JSObject**) and tagged value arguments (e.g. JS::Value*) are routed to
// separate implementations.
template <typename T>
bool IsMarkedInternal(JSRuntime* rt, T* thing);
template <typename T>
bool IsAboutToBeFinalizedInternal(T* thing);
template <typename T>
bool IsAboutToBeFinalizedInternal(const T& thing);
// Report whether a GC thing has been marked with any color. Things which are in
// zones that are not currently being collected or are owned by another runtime
// are always reported as being marked.
template <typename T>
inline bool IsMarked(JSRuntime* rt, const BarrieredBase<T>& thing) {
return IsMarkedInternal(rt, *ConvertToBase(thing.unbarrieredAddress()));
template <typename T>
inline bool IsMarkedUnbarriered(JSRuntime* rt, T thing) {
return IsMarkedInternal(rt, *ConvertToBase(&thing));
// Report whether a GC thing is dead and will be finalized in the current sweep
// group. This is mainly used in read barriers for incremental sweeping.
// This no longer updates pointers moved by the GC (tracing should be used for
// this instead).
template <typename T>
inline bool IsAboutToBeFinalized(const BarrieredBase<T>& thing) {
return IsAboutToBeFinalizedInternal(
template <typename T>
inline bool IsAboutToBeFinalizedUnbarriered(T* thing) {
return IsAboutToBeFinalizedInternal(*ConvertToBase(&thing));
template <typename T>
inline bool IsAboutToBeFinalizedUnbarriered(const T& thing) {
return IsAboutToBeFinalizedInternal(thing);
inline bool IsAboutToBeFinalizedDuringMinorSweep(Cell* cell);
inline Cell* ToMarkable(const Value& v) {
if (v.isGCThing()) {
return (Cell*)v.toGCThing();
return nullptr;
inline Cell* ToMarkable(Cell* cell) { return cell; }
bool UnmarkGrayGCThingUnchecked(GCMarker* marker, JS::GCCellPtr thing);
} /* namespace gc */
// The return value indicates if anything was unmarked.
bool UnmarkGrayShapeRecursively(Shape* shape);
namespace gc {
// Functions for checking and updating GC thing pointers that might have been
// moved by compacting GC. Overloads are also provided that work with Values.
// IsForwarded - check whether a pointer refers to an GC thing that has been
// moved.
// Forwarded - return a pointer to the new location of a GC thing given a
// pointer to old location.
// MaybeForwarded - used before dereferencing a pointer that may refer to a
// moved GC thing without updating it. For JSObjects this will
// also update the object's shape pointer if it has been moved
// to allow slots to be accessed.
template <typename T>
inline bool IsForwarded(const T* t);
template <typename T>
inline T* Forwarded(const T* t);
inline Value Forwarded(const JS::Value& value);
template <typename T>
inline T MaybeForwarded(T t);
// Helper functions for use in situations where the object's group might be
// forwarded, for example while marking.
inline const JSClass* MaybeForwardedObjectClass(const JSObject* obj);
template <typename T>
inline bool MaybeForwardedObjectIs(const JSObject* obj);
template <typename T>
inline T& MaybeForwardedObjectAs(JSObject* obj);
template <typename T>
inline bool IsGCThingValidAfterMovingGC(T* t);
template <typename T>
inline void CheckGCThingAfterMovingGC(T* t);
template <typename T>
inline void CheckGCThingAfterMovingGC(const WeakHeapPtr<T*>& t);
} /* namespace gc */
} /* namespace js */
#endif /* gc_Marking_h */