Name Description Size
AvlTree.h 34653
BitArray.h namespace js 2865
Bitmap.cpp 3416
Bitmap.h 5929
Fifo.h 5206
FixedLengthVector.h 2720
IdValuePair.h namespace js 1006
InlineTable.h 17015
LifoAlloc.cpp static 12686
LifoAlloc.h 40238
Nestable.h (Concrete*) -> bool 1779
OrderedHashTable.h Define two collection templates, js::OrderedHashMap and js::OrderedHashSet. They are like js::HashMap and js::HashSet except that: - Iterating over an Ordered hash table visits the entries in the order in which they were inserted. This means that unlike a HashMap, the behavior of an OrderedHashMap is deterministic (as long as the HashPolicy methods are effect-free and consistent); the hashing is a pure performance optimization. - Range objects over Ordered tables remain valid even when entries are added or removed or the table is resized. (However in the case of removing entries, note the warning on class Range below.) - The API is a little different, so it's not a drop-in replacement. In particular, the hash policy is a little different. Also, the Ordered templates lack the Ptr and AddPtr types. Hash policies See the comment about "Hash policy" in HashTable.h for general features that hash policy classes must provide. Hash policies for OrderedHashMaps and Sets differ in that the hash() method takes an extra argument: static js::HashNumber hash(Lookup, const HashCodeScrambler&); They must additionally provide a distinguished "empty" key value and the following static member functions: bool isEmpty(const Key&); void makeEmpty(Key*); 34500
PointerAndUint7.h 4692
PriorityQueue.h Class which represents a heap based priority queue using a vector. Inserting elements and removing the highest priority one are both O(log n). Template parameters are the same as for Vector, with the addition that P must have a static priority(const T&) method which returns higher numbers for higher priority elements. 2998
Sort.h Helper function for MergeSort. 3949
TraceableFifo.h 3511