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Other Tools is intended both as the harness for running automation builds, as
well as a way to easily reproduce automation builds on a developer workstation.
Some brave souls also use it as the basis for doing their normal local builds.
Basic usage:
./js/src/devtools/automation/ plain
The script may be run from any directory. This will configure and build the
source, then run a series of tests. See the --help message for many different
ways of suppressing various actions or changing the output.
The different possible build+test configurations are controlled mostly by JSON
files in a variants/ directory (eg there is a .../variants/plain file for the
above command).
In automation, the test jobs will run with a dynamically loaded library that
catches crashes and generates minidumps, so that can produce a
readable stack trace at the end of the run. Currently this library is only
available on linux64, and is built via the following procedure:
% export PATH=$PATH:$(pwd)/depot_tools
% mkdir breakpad
% cd breakpad
# python must be python2.7
% fetch breakpad
% cd src
% git checkout FETCH_HEAD
% cd ..
% mkdir obj
% cd obj
# Possibly set $PATH to include a recent gcc
% ../src/configure --enable-static
% mkdir ../root
% make install DESTDIR=$(pwd)/../root
The shared library will now be in root/usr/local/lib64/