Name Description Size
DebugAPI-inl.h static 5377
DebugAPI.h DebugAPI::onNativeCall allows the debugger to call callbacks just before some native functions are to be executed. It also allows the hooks themselves to affect the result of the call. This enum represents the various affects that DebugAPI::onNativeCall may perform. 17829
DebugScript.cpp static 10016
DebugScript.h If this is a generator script, this is the number of Debugger.Frames referring to calls to this generator, whether live or suspended. Closed generators do not contribute a count. When greater than zero, this script should be compiled with debug instrumentation to call Debugger::onResumeFrame at each resumption site, so that Debugger can reconnect any extant Debugger.Frames with the new concrete frame. 4241
Debugger-inl.h static 1225
Debugger.cpp 227662
Debugger.h namespace JS 60476
DebuggerMemory.cpp static 13982
DebuggerMemory.h namespace js 1072
Environment-inl.h debugger_Environment_inl_h 1242
Environment.cpp 19691
Environment.h namespace js 3594
Frame-inl.h debugger_Frame_inl_h 929
Frame.cpp namespace jit 62398
Frame.h An OnStepHandler represents a handler function that is called when a small amount of progress is made in a frame. 11745
NoExecute.cpp static 3232
NoExecute.h namespace js 3115
Object-inl.h debugger_Object_inl_h 1723
Object.cpp 78651
Object.h 9970
Script-inl.h debugger_Script_inl_h 2207
Script.cpp static 68744
Script.h namespace js 2506
Source.cpp static 20591
Source.h namespace js 1978 993