Name Description Size
DebugAPI-inl.h static 5625
DebugAPI.h Tells how the JS engine should resume debuggee execution after firing a debugger hook. Most debugger hooks get to choose how the debuggee proceeds; see js/src/doc/Debugger/ under "Resumption Values". Debugger::processHandlerResult() translates between JavaScript values and this enum. The values `ResumeMode::Throw` and `ResumeMode::Return` are always associated with a value (the exception value or return value). Sometimes this is represented as an explicit `JS::Value` variable or parameter, declared alongside the `ResumeMode`. In other cases, especially when ResumeMode is used as a return type (as in Debugger::onEnterFrame), the value is stashed in `cx`'s pending exception slot or the topmost frame's return value slot. 17964
Debugger-inl.h static 851
Debugger.cpp 225012
Debugger.h namespace JS 54976
DebuggerMemory.cpp static 14039
DebuggerMemory.h namespace js 1072
DebugScript.cpp static 10443
DebugScript.h If this is a generator script, this is the number of Debugger.Frames referring to calls to this generator, whether live or suspended. Closed generators do not contribute a count. When greater than zero, this script should be compiled with debug instrumentation to call Debugger::onResumeFrame at each resumption site, so that Debugger can reconnect any extant Debugger.Frames with the new concrete frame. 4375
Environment-inl.h debugger_Environment_inl_h 908
Environment.cpp addProperty 19792
Environment.h namespace js 3567
Frame-inl.h debugger_Frame_inl_h 921
Frame.cpp namespace jit 54098
Frame.h An OnStepHandler represents a handler function that is called when a small amount of progress is made in a frame. 11646 993
NoExecute.cpp static 2987
NoExecute.h namespace js 3115
Object-inl.h debugger_Object_inl_h 1400
Object.cpp addProperty 75292
Object.h 9941
Script-inl.h debugger_Script_inl_h 1836
Script.cpp addProperty 73913
Script.h namespace js 2850
Source.cpp addProperty 20309
Source.h namespace js 1681