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CTypes.cpp JSAPI function prototypes ***************************************************************************** 302921
CTypes.h Utility classes ***************************************************************************** 19096
ctypes.msg 5332
Library.cpp JSAPI function prototypes ***************************************************************************** 11868
Library.h ctypes_Library_h 975
typedefs.h This header contains the builtin types available for arguments and return values, representing their C counterparts. They are used inside higher-order macros that the user must call, providing a macro that will consume the arguments provided to it by the higher-order macro. The macros exposed are: CTYPES_FOR_EACH_BOOL_TYPE(MACRO) CTYPES_FOR_EACH_CHAR_TYPE(MACRO) CTYPES_FOR_EACH_CHAR16_TYPE(MACRO) CTYPES_FOR_EACH_INT_TYPE(MACRO) CTYPES_FOR_EACH_WRAPPED_INT_TYPE(MACRO) CTYPES_FOR_EACH_FLOAT_TYPE(MACRO) CTYPES_FOR_EACH_TYPE(MACRO) The MACRO name provided to any of these macros will then be repeatedly invoked as MACRO(typename, ctype, ffitype) where 'typename' is the name of the type constructor (accessible as ctypes.typename), 'ctype' is the corresponding C type declaration (from which sizeof(ctype) and templated type conversions will be derived), and 'ffitype' is the ffi_type to use. (Special types, such as 'void' and the pointer, array, and struct types are handled separately.) 5001