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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "base/file_path.h"
#include "base/process_util.h"
#include "base/waitable_event.h"
#include "chrome/common/ipc_message.h"
#include "mojo/core/ports/port_ref.h"
#include "mozilla/ipc/Endpoint.h"
#include "mozilla/ipc/FileDescriptor.h"
#include "mozilla/ipc/NodeChannel.h"
#include "mozilla/ipc/LaunchError.h"
#include "mozilla/ipc/ScopedPort.h"
#include "mozilla/Atomics.h"
#include "mozilla/Buffer.h"
#include "mozilla/LinkedList.h"
#include "mozilla/Monitor.h"
#include "mozilla/MozPromise.h"
#include "mozilla/RWLock.h"
#include "mozilla/StaticMutex.h"
#include "mozilla/StaticPtr.h"
#include "mozilla/UniquePtr.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsExceptionHandler.h"
#include "nsXULAppAPI.h" // for GeckoProcessType
#include "nsString.h"
#if defined(XP_IOS)
# include "mozilla/ipc/ExtensionKitUtils.h"
#if defined(XP_WIN) && defined(MOZ_SANDBOX)
# include "sandboxBroker.h"
#if defined(XP_MACOSX) && defined(MOZ_SANDBOX)
# include "mozilla/Sandbox.h"
#if defined(MOZ_SANDBOX)
# include "mozilla/ipc/UtilityProcessSandboxing.h"
#if (defined(XP_WIN) && defined(_ARM64_)) || \
(defined(XP_MACOSX) && defined(__aarch64__))
struct _MacSandboxInfo;
typedef _MacSandboxInfo MacSandboxInfo;
namespace mozilla {
namespace ipc {
typedef mozilla::MozPromise<base::ProcessHandle, LaunchError, false>
class GeckoChildProcessHost : public SupportsWeakPtr,
public LinkedListElement<GeckoChildProcessHost> {
typedef mozilla::Monitor Monitor;
typedef std::vector<std::string> StringVector;
using ProcessId = base::ProcessId;
using ProcessHandle = base::ProcessHandle;
explicit GeckoChildProcessHost(GeckoProcessType aProcessType,
bool aIsFileContent = false);
// Causes the object to be deleted, on the I/O thread, after any
// pending asynchronous work (like launching) is complete. This
// method can be called from any thread. If called from the I/O
// thread itself, deletion won't happen until the event loop spins;
// otherwise, it could happen immediately.
// GeckoChildProcessHost instances must not be deleted except
// through this method.
void Destroy();
static uint32_t GetUniqueID();
// Call this before launching to set an environment variable for the
// child process. The arguments must be UTF-8.
void SetEnv(const char* aKey, const char* aValue);
// Does not block. The IPC channel may not be initialized yet, and
// the child process may or may not have been created when this
// method returns.
bool AsyncLaunch(StringVector aExtraOpts = StringVector());
virtual bool WaitUntilConnected(int32_t aTimeoutMs = 0);
// Block until the IPC channel for our subprocess is initialized and
// the OS process is created. The subprocess may or may not have
// connected back to us when this method returns.
// NB: on POSIX, this method is relatively cheap, and doesn't
// require disk IO. On win32 however, it requires at least the
// analogue of stat(). This difference induces a semantic
// difference in this method: on POSIX, when we return, we know the
// subprocess has been created, but we don't know whether its
// executable image can be loaded. On win32, we do know that when
// we return. But we don't know if dynamic linking succeeded on
// either platform.
bool LaunchAndWaitForProcessHandle(StringVector aExtraOpts = StringVector());
bool WaitForProcessHandle();
// Block until the child process has been created and it connects to
// the IPC channel, meaning it's fully initialized. (Or until an
// error occurs.)
bool SyncLaunch(StringVector aExtraOpts = StringVector(),
int32_t timeoutMs = 0);
virtual void OnChannelConnected(base::ProcessId peer_pid);
// Resolves to the process handle when it's available (see
// LaunchAndWaitForProcessHandle); use with AsyncLaunch.
RefPtr<ProcessHandlePromise> WhenProcessHandleReady();
void InitializeChannel(IPC::Channel::ChannelHandle&& aServerHandle);
virtual bool CanShutdown() { return true; }
UntypedEndpoint TakeInitialEndpoint() {
return UntypedEndpoint{PrivateIPDLInterface{}, std::move(mInitialPort),
mInitialChannelId, base::GetCurrentProcId(),
// Returns a "borrowed" handle to the child process - the handle returned
// by this function must not be closed by the caller. The handle is also
// not guaranteed to remain valid; if the caller is using it for anything
// more than logging or asserting non-null, it will need to deal with
// synchronization.
// Warning: the null value here is 0, not kInvalidProcessHandle.
ProcessHandle GetChildProcessHandle();
// Returns the child's process ID; as for GetChildProcessHandle, there is
// no inherent guarantee that it will remain valid or continue to
// reference the same process.
// The null value here is also 0; this matches the result of
// GetProcId on a zero or (on Windows) invalid handle.
ProcessId GetChildProcessId();
GeckoProcessType GetProcessType() { return mProcessType; }
#ifdef XP_DARWIN
task_t GetChildTask();
#ifdef XP_WIN
void AddHandleToShare(HANDLE aHandle) {
void AddFdToRemap(int aSrcFd, int aDstFd) {
mLaunchOptions->fds_to_remap.push_back(std::make_pair(aSrcFd, aDstFd));
void SetLaunchArchitecture(uint32_t aArch) { mLaunchArch = aArch; }
// For bug 943174: Skip the EnsureProcessTerminated call in the destructor.
void SetAlreadyDead();
#if defined(MOZ_SANDBOX) && defined(XP_MACOSX)
// Start the sandbox from the child process.
static bool StartMacSandbox(int aArgc, char** aArgv,
std::string& aErrorMessage);
// The sandbox type that will be use when sandboxing is
// enabled in the derived class and FillMacSandboxInfo
// has not been overridden.
static MacSandboxType GetDefaultMacSandboxType() {
return MacSandboxType_Utility;
// Must be called before the process is launched. Determines if
// child processes will be launched with OS_ACTIVITY_MODE set to
// "disabled" or not. When |mDisableOSActivityMode| is set to true,
// child processes will be launched with OS_ACTIVITY_MODE
// disabled to avoid connection attempts to diagnosticd(8) which are
// blocked in child processes due to sandboxing.
void DisableOSActivityMode();
#endif // defined(MOZ_SANDBOX) && defined(XP_MACOSX)
typedef std::function<void(GeckoChildProcessHost*)> GeckoProcessCallback;
// Iterates over all instances and calls aCallback with each one of them.
// This method will lock any addition/removal of new processes
// so you need to make sure the callback is as fast as possible.
// To reiterate: the callbacks are executed synchronously.
static void GetAll(const GeckoProcessCallback& aCallback);
friend class BaseProcessLauncher;
friend class PosixProcessLauncher;
friend class WindowsProcessLauncher;
virtual ~GeckoChildProcessHost();
GeckoProcessType mProcessType;
bool mIsFileContent;
Monitor mMonitor;
FilePath mProcessPath;
// Used on platforms where we may launch a child process with a different
// architecture than the parent process.
uint32_t mLaunchArch = base::PROCESS_ARCH_INVALID;
// GeckoChildProcessHost holds the launch options so they can be set
// up on the main thread using main-thread-only APIs like prefs, and
// then used for the actual launch on another thread. This pointer
// is set to null to free the options after the child is launched.
UniquePtr<base::LaunchOptions> mLaunchOptions;
ScopedPort mInitialPort;
nsID mInitialChannelId;
RefPtr<NodeController> mNodeController;
RefPtr<NodeChannel> mNodeChannel;
// This value must be accessed while holding mMonitor.
enum {
// This object has been constructed, but the OS process has not
// yet.
// The IPC channel for our subprocess has been created, but the OS
// process has still not been created.
// The OS process has been created, but it hasn't yet connected to
// our IPC channel.
// The process is launched and connected to our IPC channel. All
// is well.
} mProcessState MOZ_GUARDED_BY(mMonitor);
void PrepareLaunch();
#ifdef XP_WIN
void InitWindowsGroupID();
nsString mGroupId;
RefPtr<AbstractSandboxBroker> mSandboxBroker;
std::vector<std::wstring> mAllowedFilesRead;
bool mEnableSandboxLogging;
int32_t mSandboxLevel;
# endif
#endif // XP_WIN
#if defined(MOZ_SANDBOX)
SandboxingKind mSandbox;
mozilla::RWLock mHandleLock;
ProcessHandle mChildProcessHandle MOZ_GUARDED_BY(mHandleLock);
#if defined(XP_DARWIN)
task_t mChildTask MOZ_GUARDED_BY(mHandleLock);
#if defined(MOZ_WIDGET_UIKIT)
Maybe<ExtensionKitProcess> mExtensionKitProcess MOZ_GUARDED_BY(mHandleLock);
DarwinObjectPtr<xpc_connection_t> mXPCConnection MOZ_GUARDED_BY(mHandleLock);
UniqueBEProcessCapabilityGrant mForegroundCapabilityGrant
RefPtr<ProcessHandlePromise> mHandlePromise;
#if defined(XP_MACOSX) && defined(MOZ_SANDBOX)
bool mDisableOSActivityMode;
bool OpenPrivilegedHandle(base::ProcessId aPid) MOZ_REQUIRES(mHandleLock);
#if defined(XP_MACOSX) && defined(MOZ_SANDBOX)
// Override this method to return true to launch the child process
// using the Mac utility (by default) sandbox. Override
// FillMacSandboxInfo() to change the sandbox type and settings.
virtual bool IsMacSandboxLaunchEnabled() { return false; }
// Fill a MacSandboxInfo to configure the sandbox
virtual bool FillMacSandboxInfo(MacSandboxInfo& aInfo);
// Adds the command line arguments needed to enable
// sandboxing of the child process at startup before
// the child event loop is up.
virtual bool AppendMacSandboxParams(StringVector& aArgs);
// Removes the instance from sGeckoChildProcessHosts
void RemoveFromProcessList();
// Linux-Only. Set this up before we're called from a different thread.
nsCString mTmpDirName;
// Mac and Windows. Set this up before we're called from a different thread.
nsCOMPtr<nsIFile> mProfileDir;
mozilla::Atomic<bool> mDestroying;
static uint32_t sNextUniqueID;
static StaticAutoPtr<LinkedList<GeckoChildProcessHost>>
sGeckoChildProcessHosts MOZ_GUARDED_BY(sMutex);
static StaticMutex sMutex;
nsCOMPtr<nsIEventTarget> GetIPCLauncher();
} /* namespace ipc */
} /* namespace mozilla */