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nsConverterInputStream.cpp 7535
nsConverterInputStream.h 1941
nsConverterOutputStream.cpp 3454
nsConverterOutputStream.h ff8780a5-bbb1-4bc5-8ee7-057e7bc5c925 1145
nsIScriptableUConv.idl In new code, please use the WebIDL TextDecoder and TextEncoder instead. They represent bytes as Uint8Array (or as view to such array), which is the current best practice for representing bytes in JavaScript. This interface converts between UTF-16 in JavaScript strings and bytes transported as the unsigned value of each byte transported in a code unit of the same numeric value in a JavaScript string. @created 8/Jun/2000 @author Makoto Kato [] 2545
nsITextToSubURI.idl Unescapes the given URI fragment (for UI purpose only) Note: <ul> <li> escaping back the result (unescaped string) is not guaranteed to give the original escaped string <li> The URI fragment (escaped) is assumed to be in UTF-8 and converted to AString (UTF-16) <li> In case of successful conversion any resulting character listed in netwerk/dns/ (except space) is escaped <li> Always succeeeds (callers don't need to do error checking) </ul> @param aURIFragment the URI (or URI fragment) to unescape @return Unescaped aURIFragment converted to unicode 2131
nsScriptableUConv.cpp Implementation file 8285
nsScriptableUConv.h 1057
nsTextToSubURI.cpp 5889
nsTextToSubURI.h 1023
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