Name Description Size
data 2
test_bug1086527.js This unit test makes sure that PluralForm.get can be called from strict mode 639
test_bug22310.js 1922
test_intl_on_workers.js 675
test_langPackMatcher.js 8290
test_localeService_negotiateLanguages.js 6219
test_localeService.js Make sure the locale service can be instantiated. 6967
test_osPreferences.js 1562
test_pluralForm_english.js This unit test makes sure the plural form for the default language (by development), English, is working for the PluralForm javascript module. 965
test_pluralForm_makeGetter.js This unit test makes sure the plural form for Irish Gaeilge is working by using the makeGetter method instead of using the default language (by development), English. 1133
test_pluralForm.js Make sure each of the plural forms have the correct number of forms and match up in functionality. 58063
xpcshell.ini 501