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LinuxProcessPriority.cpp The Linux OOM score is a value computed by the kernel ranging between 0 and 1000 and indicating how likely is a process to be killed when memory is tight. The larger the value the more likely a process is to be killed. The score is computed based on the amount of memory used plus an adjustment value. We chose our adjustment values to make it likely that processes are killed in the following order: 1. preallocated processes 2. background processes 3. background processes playing video (but no audio) 4. foreground processes or processes playing or recording audio 5. the parent process At the time of writing (2022) the base score for a process consuming very little memory seems to be around ~667. Our adjustments are thus designed to ensure this order starting from a 667 baseline but trying not to go too close to the 1000 limit where they would be clamped. 2668
UPowerClient.cpp This is the declaration of UPowerClient class. This class is listening and communicating to upower daemon through DBus. There is no header file because this class shouldn't be public. 13158