Name Description Size
binding 1790
OculusSession.cpp XXX The DX11 objects and quad blitting could be encapsulated into a separate object if either Oculus starts supporting non-Windows platforms or the blit is needed by other HMD\ drivers. Alternately, we could remove the extra blit for Oculus as well with some more refactoring. 54935
OculusSession.h 3901
OpenVRControllerMapper.cpp 3146
OpenVRControllerMapper.h 3086
OpenVRCosmosMapper.cpp 2064
OpenVRCosmosMapper.h 860
OpenVRDefaultMapper.cpp 3053
OpenVRDefaultMapper.h 866
OpenVRKnucklesMapper.cpp 2660
OpenVRKnucklesMapper.h 872
OpenVRSession.cpp 55994
OpenVRSession.h 3919
OpenVRViveMapper.cpp 1664
OpenVRViveMapper.h 848
OpenVRWMRMapper.cpp 2126
OpenVRWMRMapper.h 842
OSVRSession.cpp 18941
OSVRSession.h 2402
PuppetSession.cpp 3526
PuppetSession.h 1773
VRService.cpp static 14173
VRService.h VRSystemState contains the most recent state of the VR system, to be shared with the browser by Shmem. mSystemState is the VR Service copy of this data, which is memcpy'ed atomically to the Shmem. VRSystemState is written by the VR Service, but read-only by the browser. 2687
VRSession.cpp 6293
VRSession.h In order to support WebXR's navigator.xr.IsSessionSupported call without displaying any permission dialogue, it is necessary to have a safe way to detect the capability of running a VR or AR session without activating XR runtimes or powering on hardware. API's such as OpenVR make no guarantee that hardware and software won't be left activated after enumerating devices, so each backend in gfx/vr/service must allow for more granular detection of capabilities. By passing true to bDetectRuntimesOnly, the initialization exits early after reporting the presence of XR runtime software. The Initialize method will only enumerate hardware and possibly return true when aDetectRuntimesOnly is false. 3495