Name Description Size
PVR.ipdl 1760
PVRGPU.ipdl 769
PVRLayer.ipdl 840
PVRManager.ipdl The PVRManager protocol is used to enable communication of VR display enumeration and sensor state between the compositor thread and content threads/processes. 3153
VRChild.cpp 6847
VRChild.h 2100
VRGPUChild.cpp static 2407
VRGPUChild.h 1145
VRGPUParent.cpp static 2699
VRGPUParent.h 1453
VRLayerChild.cpp Do not blit WebGL to a SurfaceTexture until the last submitted frame is already processed and the new frame poses are ready. SurfaceTextures need to be released in the VR render thread in order to allow to be used again in the WebGLContext GLScreenBuffer producer. Not doing so causes some freezes, crashes or other undefined behaviour. 4659
VRLayerChild.h 2158
VRLayerParent.cpp 1528
VRLayerParent.h 1284
VRManagerChild.cpp static 20854
VRManagerChild.h 7546
VRManagerParent.cpp static 8968
VRManagerParent.h 4369
VRMessageUtils.h 2656
VRParent.cpp 5815
VRParent.h 2226
VRProcessChild.cpp static 1297
VRProcessChild.h Contains the VRChild object that facilitates IPC communication to/from the instance of the VR library that is run in this process. 1129
VRProcessManager.cpp static 8108
VRProcessManager.h 2906
VRProcessParent.cpp remoteType 7177
VRProcessParent.h 2857