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# qcms
Firefox's library for transforming image data between ICC profiles.
## Example
// Decode the jpeg
let mut d = jpeg_decoder::Decoder::new(std::fs::File::open("/Users/jrmuizel/Desktop/DSCF2460.jpg").unwrap());
let mut data = d.decode().unwrap();
let info =;
// Extract the profile after decode
let profile = d.icc_profile().unwrap();
// Create a new qcms Profile
let input = qcms::Profile::new_from_slice(&profile).unwrap();
let mut output = qcms::Profile::new_sRGB();
// Create a transform between input and output profiles and apply it.
let xfm = qcms::Transform::new(&input, &output, qcms::DataType::RGB8, qcms::Intent::default()).unwrap();
xfm.apply(&mut data);
// write the result to a PNG
let mut encoder = png::Encoder::new(std::fs::File::create("out.png").unwrap(), info.width as u32, info.height as u32);
let mut writer = encoder.write_header().unwrap();
writer.write_image_data(&data).unwrap(); // Save
This library was originally written in C, was converted to Rust using [c2rust](, and then refactored to be mostly
safe and more idiomatic Rust.