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CompositableHost.cpp static 2188
CompositableHost.h The compositor-side counterpart to CompositableClient. Responsible for updating textures and data about textures from IPC and how textures are composited (tiling, double buffering, etc.). Update (for images/canvases) and UpdateThebes (for Thebes) are called during the layers transaction to update the Compositbale's textures from the content side. The actual update (and any syncronous upload) is done by the TextureHost, but it is coordinated by the CompositableHost. Composite is called by the owning layer when it is composited. CompositableHost will use its TextureHost(s) and call Compositor::DrawQuad to do the actual rendering. 4241
Diagnostics.h 895
FontData.h 21752
FrameUniformityData.cpp 1260
FrameUniformityData.h 1476
GPUVideoTextureHost.cpp 7854
GPUVideoTextureHost.h 2940
ImageComposite.cpp static 14369
ImageComposite.h Implements Image selection logic. 4676
RemoteTextureHostWrapper.cpp static 7189
RemoteTextureHostWrapper.h 3988
TextureHost.cpp TextureParent is the host-side IPDL glue between TextureClient and TextureHost. It is an IPDL actor just like LayerParent, CompositableParent, etc. 29793
TextureHost.h A view on a TextureHost where the texture is internally represented as tiles (contrast with a tiled buffer, where each texture is a tile). For iteration by the texture's buffer host. This is only useful when the underlying surface is too big to fit in one device texture, which forces us to split it in smaller parts. Tiled Compositable is a different thing. 32496