Name Description Size
APZInputBridge.h Represents the outcome of APZ receiving and processing an input event. This is returned from APZInputBridge::ReceiveInputEvent() and related APIs. 12637
APZPublicUtils.h Initializes the global state used in AsyncPanZoomController. This is normally called when it is first needed in the constructor of APZCTreeManager, but can be called manually to force it to be initialized earlier. 2563
APZSampler.h This interface exposes APZ methods related to "sampling" (i.e. reading the async transforms produced by APZ). These methods should all be called on the sampler thread. 5209
APZUpdater.h This interface is used to send updates or otherwise mutate APZ internal state. These functions is usually called from the compositor thread in response to IPC messages. The method implementations internally redispatch themselves to the updater thread in the case where the compositor thread is not the updater thread. 10065
CompositorController.h Ask the compositor to schedule a new composite. 997
GeckoContentController.h Notifies the content side of the most recently computed transforms for each layers subtree to the root. The nsTArray will contain one MatrixMessage for each layers id in the current APZ tree, along with the corresponding transform. 7713
GeckoContentControllerTypes.h APZ started modifying the view (including panning, zooming, and fling). 2076
IAPZCTreeManager.h Set the keyboard shortcuts to use for translating keyboard events. 5745
MatrixMessage.h 2360