Name Description Size
CanvasManagerChild.cpp static 7491
CanvasManagerChild.h 1831
CanvasManagerParent.cpp static 4796
CanvasManagerParent.h 1546
CompositorOptions.h This class holds options that are "per compositor" - that is, these options affect a particular CompositorBridgeParent and all the content that it renders. This class is intended to be created by a platform widget (but NOT PuppetWidget) and passed to the graphics code during initialization of the top level compositor associated with that widget. The options are immutable after creation. The CompositorBridgeParent holds the canonical version of the options, but they may be accessed by other parts of the code as needed, and are accessible to content processes over PCompositorBridge as well. 3289
CompositorSession.cpp 1301
CompositorSession.h 3580
CompositorWidgetVsyncObserver.cpp 1142
CompositorWidgetVsyncObserver.h 1270
CrossProcessPaint.cpp static 18076
CrossProcessPaint.h A fragment of a paint of a cross process document tree. 6311
D3DMessageUtils.cpp 2500
D3DMessageUtils.h 1421
GfxMessageUtils.h 37728
GPUChild.cpp 11832
GPUChild.h 4182
GPUParent.cpp static 24240
GPUParent.h 4853
GPUProcessHost.cpp remoteType 7704
GPUProcessHost.h 5577
GPUProcessImpl.cpp 1541
GPUProcessImpl.h 1251
GPUProcessListener.h 939
GPUProcessManager.cpp 48292
GPUProcessManager.h 13335
GraphicsMessages.ipdlh 2095
InProcessCompositorSession.cpp static 3998
InProcessCompositorSession.h 1970 2031
OverlayInfo.h 1242
PCanvasManager.ipdl The PCanvasManager protocol is the top-level protocol between the main and worker threads in the content process, and the renderer thread in the compositor process. This protocol should be used to create accelerated canvas instances. 1575
PGPU.ipdl 7586
PVsyncBridge.ipdl 986
RemoteCompositorSession.cpp 3267
RemoteCompositorSession.h 1544
VsyncBridgeChild.cpp static 4261
VsyncBridgeChild.h 1679
VsyncBridgeParent.cpp 2334
VsyncBridgeParent.h 1385
VsyncIOThreadHolder.cpp "VsyncIOThread" is used as the thread we send/recv IPC messages on. We don't use the "WindowsVsyncThread" directly because it isn't servicing an nsThread event loop which is needed for IPC to return results/notify us about shutdown etc. It would be better if we could notify the IPC IO thread directly to avoid the extra ping-ponging but that doesn't seem possible. 1565
VsyncIOThreadHolder.h 1092