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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "GLContext.h"
#include "GLLibraryEGL.h"
#include "nsRegion.h"
#include <memory>
namespace mozilla {
namespace layers {
class SurfaceTextureImage;
} // namespace layers
namespace widget {
class CompositorWidget;
} // namespace widget
namespace gl {
inline std::shared_ptr<EglDisplay> DefaultEglDisplay(
nsACString* const out_failureId) {
const auto lib = GLLibraryEGL::Get(out_failureId);
if (!lib) {
return nullptr;
return lib->DefaultDisplay(out_failureId);
// -
class GLContextEGL final : public GLContext {
static RefPtr<GLContextEGL> CreateGLContext(
std::shared_ptr<EglDisplay>, const GLContextDesc&,
EGLConfig surfaceConfig, EGLSurface surface, const bool useGles,
EGLConfig contextConfig, nsACString* const out_failureId);
GLContextEGL(std::shared_ptr<EglDisplay>, const GLContextDesc&,
EGLConfig surfaceConfig, EGLSurface surface, EGLContext context);
virtual GLContextType GetContextType() const override {
return GLContextType::EGL;
static GLContextEGL* Cast(GLContext* gl) {
MOZ_ASSERT(gl->GetContextType() == GLContextType::EGL);
return static_cast<GLContextEGL*>(gl);
bool Init() override;
virtual bool IsDoubleBuffered() const override { return mIsDoubleBuffered; }
void SetIsDoubleBuffered(bool aIsDB) { mIsDoubleBuffered = aIsDB; }
virtual bool IsANGLE() const override { return mEgl->mLib->IsANGLE(); }
virtual bool IsWARP() const override { return mEgl->mIsWARP; }
virtual bool BindTexImage() override;
virtual bool ReleaseTexImage() override;
void SetEGLSurfaceOverride(EGLSurface surf);
EGLSurface GetEGLSurfaceOverride() { return mSurfaceOverride; }
virtual bool MakeCurrentImpl() const override;
virtual bool IsCurrentImpl() const override;
virtual bool RenewSurface(widget::CompositorWidget* aWidget) override;
virtual void ReleaseSurface() override;
Maybe<SymbolLoader> GetSymbolLoader() const override;
virtual bool SwapBuffers() override;
virtual void SetDamage(const nsIntRegion& aDamageRegion) override;
GLint GetBufferAge() const override;
virtual void GetWSIInfo(nsCString* const out) const override;
EGLSurface GetEGLSurface() const { return mSurface; }
bool HasExtBufferAge() const;
bool HasKhrPartialUpdate() const;
bool BindTex2DOffscreen(GLContext* aOffscreen);
void UnbindTex2DOffscreen(GLContext* aOffscreen);
void BindOffscreenFramebuffer();
void Destroy();
static RefPtr<GLContextEGL> CreateWithoutSurface(
std::shared_ptr<EglDisplay>, const GLContextCreateDesc&,
nsACString* const out_FailureId);
static RefPtr<GLContextEGL> CreateEGLSurfacelessContext(
const std::shared_ptr<EglDisplay> display,
const GLContextCreateDesc& desc, nsACString* const out_failureId);
static EGLSurface CreateEGLSurfaceForCompositorWidget(
widget::CompositorWidget* aCompositorWidget, const EGLConfig aConfig);
#ifdef MOZ_X11
static bool FindVisual(int* const out_visualId);
friend class GLContextProviderEGL;
friend class GLContextEGLFactory;
virtual void OnMarkDestroyed() override;
const std::shared_ptr<EglDisplay> mEgl;
const EGLConfig mSurfaceConfig;
const EGLContext mContext;
EGLSurface mSurface;
const EGLSurface mFallbackSurface;
EGLSurface mSurfaceOverride = EGL_NO_SURFACE;
bool mBound = false;
bool mIsPBuffer = false;
bool mIsDoubleBuffered = false;
bool mCanBindToTexture = false;
bool mShareWithEGLImage = false;
bool mOwnsContext = true;
nsIntRegion mDamageRegion;
static EGLSurface CreatePBufferSurfaceTryingPowerOfTwo(
EglDisplay&, EGLConfig, EGLenum bindToTextureFormat,
gfx::IntSize& pbsize);
static EGLSurface CreateWaylandBufferSurface(EglDisplay&, EGLConfig,
gfx::IntSize& pbsize);
EGLSurface CreateCompatibleSurface(void* aWindow) const;
bool CreateConfig(EglDisplay&, EGLConfig* aConfig, int32_t aDepth,
bool aEnableDepthBuffer, bool aUseGles,
bool aAllowFallback = true);
} // namespace gl
} // namespace mozilla