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Installation Instructions
As well as the requirements listed in README, the meson build also requires:
Basic Installation
meson setup $builddir
ninja -C $builddir
ninja -C $builddir install
where $builddir is the name of the directory where the build artifacts
will be written to.
Some of the common options that can be used with "meson setup" include:
Set the install prefix.
Set the build type. Some common build types include "debug" and "release"
Compiler and linker flags can be set with the CFLAGS and LDFLAGS
environment variables.
Configuring cairo backends
After running "meson build", "meson configure" can be used to display
or modify the build configuration.
Display configuration:
meson configure $builddir
Enable pdf and disable ps:
meson configure $builddir -Dpdf=enabled -Dps=disabled
The "-D" options can also be used with "meson setup"
Refer to test/README