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Snapshots of cairo and glitz for mozilla usage.
We only include the relevant parts of each release (generally, src/*.[ch]),
as we have's that integrate into the Mozilla build system. For
documentation and similar, please see the official tarballs at
cairo (1.18.0)
pixman (0.43.4)
==== Local cairo patches ====
00-cairo_public.patch: allow cairo_public to be predefined
01-xlib-xrender-private.patch: xrender build fix
02-cplusplus-no-register.patch: 'register' keyword not allowed when cairo.h is included by C++ code
03-expose-lcd-filter.patch: expose the LCD filter settings as public API
04-subpixel-aa-api.patch: add API for setting subpixel-AA
05-ft-font-synth-flags-api.patch: enable client to control whether FreeType synthetic styles are allowed
06-shared-ft-face.patch: integrate with Gecko SharedFTFace
07-ft-variations-runtime-check.patch: runtime check for FreeType variation support
09-quartz-surface-additions.patch: add cairo_quartz_surface_get_image
11-quartz-surface-tags.patch: support for LINK tags in the quartz-surface backend
12-quartz-named-destination.patch: support for named destinations in quartz-surface
17-active-edges-crash.patch: avoid potential crash in active_edges
18-quartz-granular-ifdefs.patch: build fixes for iOS
19-ft-color-ifdef.patch: FT_COLOR build fix
20-ios-colorspace.patch: iOS doesn't support per-display color spaces
21-quartz-surface-leak.patch: fix DataSourceSurfaceRawData leak on quartz surface
22-windows-build-fix.patch: build fix for Windows/non-mingw
23-win32-api-additions.patch: Windows API additions for gecko
cff-font-creation.patch: make cairo_cff_font_t allocation consistent
==== pixman patches ====
pixman-armasm.patch: add an ifdef guard around pixman-config.h include
pixman-clangcl.patch: clang-cl compilation fix
pixman-export.patch: make sure pixman symbols are not exported in libxul
pixman-interp.patch: use lower quality interpolation by default on mobile
pixman-intrin.patch: include intrin.h on Windows to fix bustage
pixman-rename.patch: include pixman-rename.h for renaming of external symbols