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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef MacIOSurface_h__
#define MacIOSurface_h__
#ifdef XP_DARWIN
# include <CoreVideo/CoreVideo.h>
# include <IOSurface/IOSurfaceRef.h>
# include <QuartzCore/QuartzCore.h>
# include <dlfcn.h>
# include "mozilla/gfx/Types.h"
# include "CFTypeRefPtr.h"
namespace mozilla {
namespace gl {
class GLContext;
} // namespace mozilla
# ifdef XP_MACOSX
struct _CGLContextObject;
typedef _CGLContextObject* CGLContextObj;
# endif
typedef uint32_t IOSurfaceID;
# ifdef XP_MACOSX
# import <OpenGL/OpenGL.h>
# else
# include "GLTypes.h"
typedef realGLboolean GLboolean;
# include <OpenGLES/ES2/gl.h>
# endif
# include "2D.h"
# include "mozilla/RefCounted.h"
# include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
class MacIOSurface final
: public mozilla::external::AtomicRefCounted<MacIOSurface> {
typedef mozilla::gfx::SourceSurface SourceSurface;
typedef mozilla::gfx::DrawTarget DrawTarget;
typedef mozilla::gfx::BackendType BackendType;
typedef mozilla::gfx::IntSize IntSize;
typedef mozilla::gfx::YUVColorSpace YUVColorSpace;
typedef mozilla::gfx::ColorSpace2 ColorSpace2;
typedef mozilla::gfx::TransferFunction TransferFunction;
typedef mozilla::gfx::ColorRange ColorRange;
typedef mozilla::gfx::ColorDepth ColorDepth;
// The usage count of the IOSurface is increased by 1 during the lifetime
// of the MacIOSurface instance.
// MacIOSurface holds a reference to the corresponding IOSurface.
static already_AddRefed<MacIOSurface> CreateIOSurface(int aWidth, int aHeight,
bool aHasAlpha = true);
static already_AddRefed<MacIOSurface> CreateNV12OrP010Surface(
const IntSize& aYSize, const IntSize& aCbCrSize,
YUVColorSpace aColorSpace, TransferFunction aTransferFunction,
ColorRange aColorRange, ColorDepth aColorDepth);
static already_AddRefed<MacIOSurface> CreateYUV422Surface(
const IntSize& aSize, YUVColorSpace aColorSpace, ColorRange aColorRange);
static void ReleaseIOSurface(MacIOSurface* aIOSurface);
static already_AddRefed<MacIOSurface> LookupSurface(
IOSurfaceID aSurfaceID, bool aHasAlpha = true,
mozilla::gfx::YUVColorSpace aColorSpace =
explicit MacIOSurface(CFTypeRefPtr<IOSurfaceRef> aIOSurfaceRef,
bool aHasAlpha = true,
mozilla::gfx::YUVColorSpace aColorSpace =
IOSurfaceID GetIOSurfaceID() const;
void* GetBaseAddress() const;
void* GetBaseAddressOfPlane(size_t planeIndex) const;
size_t GetPlaneCount() const;
OSType GetPixelFormat() const;
// GetWidth() and GetHeight() return values in "display pixels". A
// "display pixel" is the smallest fully addressable part of a display.
// But in HiDPI modes each "display pixel" corresponds to more than one
// device pixel. Use GetDevicePixel**() to get device pixels.
size_t GetWidth(size_t plane = 0) const;
size_t GetHeight(size_t plane = 0) const;
IntSize GetSize(size_t plane = 0) const {
return IntSize(GetWidth(plane), GetHeight(plane));
size_t GetDevicePixelWidth(size_t plane = 0) const;
size_t GetDevicePixelHeight(size_t plane = 0) const;
size_t GetBytesPerRow(size_t plane = 0) const;
size_t GetAllocSize() const;
void Lock(bool aReadOnly = true);
void Unlock(bool aReadOnly = true);
bool IsLocked() const { return mIsLocked; }
void IncrementUseCount();
void DecrementUseCount();
bool HasAlpha() const { return mHasAlpha; }
mozilla::gfx::SurfaceFormat GetFormat() const;
mozilla::gfx::SurfaceFormat GetReadFormat() const;
mozilla::gfx::ColorDepth GetColorDepth() const;
// This would be better suited on MacIOSurfaceImage type, however due to the
// current data structure, this is not possible as only the IOSurfaceRef is
// being used across.
void SetYUVColorSpace(YUVColorSpace aColorSpace) {
mColorSpace = aColorSpace;
YUVColorSpace GetYUVColorSpace() const { return mColorSpace; }
bool IsFullRange() const {
OSType format = GetPixelFormat();
return (format == kCVPixelFormatType_420YpCbCr8BiPlanarFullRange ||
format == kCVPixelFormatType_420YpCbCr10BiPlanarFullRange);
mozilla::gfx::ColorRange GetColorRange() const {
if (IsFullRange()) return mozilla::gfx::ColorRange::FULL;
return mozilla::gfx::ColorRange::LIMITED;
// Bind this IOSurface to a texture using the most efficient mechanism
// available on the current platform.
// Note that on iOS simulator, due to incomplete support for
// texImageIOSurface, this will only use texImage2D to upload, and cannot be
// used to read-back the GL texture to an IOSurface.
bool BindTexImage(mozilla::gl::GLContext* aGL, size_t aPlane,
mozilla::gfx::SurfaceFormat* aOutReadFormat = nullptr);
already_AddRefed<SourceSurface> GetAsSurface();
// Creates a DrawTarget that wraps the data in the IOSurface. Rendering to
// this DrawTarget directly manipulates the contents of the IOSurface.
// Only call when the surface is already locked for writing!
// The returned DrawTarget must only be used while the surface is still
// locked.
// Also, only call this if you're reasonably sure that the DrawTarget of the
// selected backend supports the IOSurface's SurfaceFormat.
already_AddRefed<DrawTarget> GetAsDrawTargetLocked(BackendType aBackendType);
static size_t GetMaxWidth();
static size_t GetMaxHeight();
CFTypeRefPtr<IOSurfaceRef> GetIOSurfaceRef() { return mIOSurfaceRef; }
void SetColorSpace(mozilla::gfx::ColorSpace2) const;
ColorSpace2 mColorPrimaries = ColorSpace2::UNKNOWN;
CFTypeRefPtr<IOSurfaceRef> mIOSurfaceRef;
const bool mHasAlpha;
YUVColorSpace mColorSpace = YUVColorSpace::Identity;
bool mIsLocked = false;