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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "DrawTargetOffset.h"
#include "Logging.h"
#include "PathHelpers.h"
namespace mozilla {
namespace gfx {
DrawTargetOffset::DrawTargetOffset() = default;
bool DrawTargetOffset::Init(DrawTarget* aDrawTarget, IntPoint aOrigin) {
mDrawTarget = aDrawTarget;
mOrigin = aOrigin;
mDrawTarget->SetTransform(Matrix::Translation(-mOrigin.x, -mOrigin.y));
mFormat = mDrawTarget->GetFormat();
return true;
already_AddRefed<SourceSurface> DrawTargetOffset::Snapshot() {
RefPtr<SourceSurface> snapshot = mDrawTarget->Snapshot();
if (!snapshot) {
return nullptr;
return MakeAndAddRef<SourceSurfaceOffset>(snapshot, mOrigin);
void DrawTargetOffset::DetachAllSnapshots() {}
// Skip the mClippedOut check since this is only used for Flush() which
// should happen even if we're clipped.
#define OFFSET_COMMAND(command) \
void DrawTargetOffset::command() { mDrawTarget->command(); }
#define OFFSET_COMMAND1(command, type1) \
void DrawTargetOffset::command(type1 arg1) { mDrawTarget->command(arg1); }
#define OFFSET_COMMAND3(command, type1, type2, type3) \
void DrawTargetOffset::command(type1 arg1, type2 arg2, type3 arg3) { \
mDrawTarget->command(arg1, arg2, arg3); \
#define OFFSET_COMMAND4(command, type1, type2, type3, type4) \
void DrawTargetOffset::command(type1 arg1, type2 arg2, type3 arg3, \
type4 arg4) { \
mDrawTarget->command(arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4); \
#define OFFSET_COMMAND5(command, type1, type2, type3, type4, type5) \
void DrawTargetOffset::command(type1 arg1, type2 arg2, type3 arg3, \
type4 arg4, type5 arg5) { \
mDrawTarget->command(arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4, arg5); \
OFFSET_COMMAND1(ClearRect, const Rect&)
OFFSET_COMMAND4(MaskSurface, const Pattern&, SourceSurface*, Point,
const DrawOptions&)
OFFSET_COMMAND4(FillGlyphs, ScaledFont*, const GlyphBuffer&, const Pattern&,
const DrawOptions&)
OFFSET_COMMAND5(StrokeGlyphs, ScaledFont*, const GlyphBuffer&, const Pattern&,
const StrokeOptions&, const DrawOptions&)
OFFSET_COMMAND3(FillRoundedRect, const RoundedRect&, const Pattern&,
const DrawOptions&)
bool DrawTargetOffset::Draw3DTransformedSurface(SourceSurface* aSrc,
const Matrix4x4& aMatrix) {
return mDrawTarget->Draw3DTransformedSurface(aSrc, aMatrix);
OFFSET_COMMAND3(Mask, const Pattern&, const Pattern&, const DrawOptions&)
void DrawTargetOffset::DrawFilter(FilterNode* aNode, const Rect& aSourceRect,
const Point& aDestPoint,
const DrawOptions& aOptions) {
auto clone = mTransform;
bool invertible = clone.Invert();
// aSourceRect is in filter space. The filter outputs from aSourceRect need
// to be drawn at aDestPoint in user space.
Rect userSpaceSource = Rect(aDestPoint, aSourceRect.Size());
if (invertible) {
// Try to reduce the source rect so that it's not much bigger
// than the draw target. The result is not minimal. Examples
// are left as an exercise for the reader.
auto destRect = Rect(mDrawTarget->GetRect() + mOrigin);
Rect userSpaceBounds = clone.TransformBounds(destRect);
userSpaceSource = userSpaceSource.Intersect(userSpaceBounds);
// Compute how much we moved the top-left of the source rect by, and use that
// to compute the new dest point, and move our intersected source rect back
// into the (new) filter space.
Point shift = userSpaceSource.TopLeft() - aDestPoint;
Rect filterSpaceSource =
Rect(aSourceRect.TopLeft() + shift, userSpaceSource.Size());
mDrawTarget->DrawFilter(aNode, filterSpaceSource, aDestPoint + shift,
void DrawTargetOffset::PushClip(const Path* aPath) {
void DrawTargetOffset::PushClipRect(const Rect& aRect) {
void DrawTargetOffset::PopClip() { mDrawTarget->PopClip(); }
void DrawTargetOffset::CopySurface(SourceSurface* aSurface,
const IntRect& aSourceRect,
const IntPoint& aDestination) {
IntPoint tileOrigin = mOrigin;
// CopySurface ignores the transform, account for that here.
mDrawTarget->CopySurface(aSurface, aSourceRect, aDestination - tileOrigin);
void DrawTargetOffset::SetTransform(const Matrix& aTransform) {
Matrix mat = aTransform;
mat.PostTranslate(Float(-mOrigin.x), Float(-mOrigin.y));
void DrawTargetOffset::SetPermitSubpixelAA(bool aPermitSubpixelAA) {
void DrawTargetOffset::DrawSurface(SourceSurface* aSurface, const Rect& aDest,
const Rect& aSource,
const DrawSurfaceOptions& aSurfaceOptions,
const DrawOptions& aDrawOptions) {
mDrawTarget->DrawSurface(aSurface, aDest, aSource, aSurfaceOptions,
void DrawTargetOffset::FillRect(const Rect& aRect, const Pattern& aPattern,
const DrawOptions& aDrawOptions) {
mDrawTarget->FillRect(aRect, aPattern, aDrawOptions);
void DrawTargetOffset::Stroke(const Path* aPath, const Pattern& aPattern,
const StrokeOptions& aStrokeOptions,
const DrawOptions& aDrawOptions) {
mDrawTarget->Stroke(aPath, aPattern, aStrokeOptions, aDrawOptions);
void DrawTargetOffset::StrokeRect(const Rect& aRect, const Pattern& aPattern,
const StrokeOptions& aStrokeOptions,
const DrawOptions& aDrawOptions) {
mDrawTarget->StrokeRect(aRect, aPattern, aStrokeOptions, aDrawOptions);
void DrawTargetOffset::StrokeLine(const Point& aStart, const Point& aEnd,
const Pattern& aPattern,
const StrokeOptions& aStrokeOptions,
const DrawOptions& aDrawOptions) {
mDrawTarget->StrokeLine(aStart, aEnd, aPattern, aStrokeOptions, aDrawOptions);
void DrawTargetOffset::Fill(const Path* aPath, const Pattern& aPattern,
const DrawOptions& aDrawOptions) {
mDrawTarget->Fill(aPath, aPattern, aDrawOptions);
void DrawTargetOffset::PushLayer(bool aOpaque, Float aOpacity,
SourceSurface* aMask,
const Matrix& aMaskTransform,
const IntRect& aBounds, bool aCopyBackground) {
IntRect bounds = aBounds - mOrigin;
mDrawTarget->PushLayer(aOpaque, aOpacity, aMask, aMaskTransform, bounds,
already_AddRefed<SourceSurface> DrawTargetOffset::IntoLuminanceSource(
LuminanceType aLuminanceType, float aOpacity) {
RefPtr<SourceSurface> surface =
mDrawTarget->IntoLuminanceSource(aLuminanceType, aOpacity);
if (!surface) {
return nullptr;
return MakeAndAddRef<SourceSurfaceOffset>(surface, mOrigin);
void DrawTargetOffset::PushLayerWithBlend(bool aOpaque, Float aOpacity,
SourceSurface* aMask,
const Matrix& aMaskTransform,
const IntRect& aBounds,
bool aCopyBackground,
CompositionOp aOp) {
IntRect bounds = aBounds - mOrigin;
mDrawTarget->PushLayerWithBlend(aOpaque, aOpacity, aMask, aMaskTransform,
bounds, aCopyBackground, aOp);
void DrawTargetOffset::PopLayer() {
RefPtr<DrawTarget> DrawTargetOffset::CreateClippedDrawTarget(
const Rect& aBounds, SurfaceFormat aFormat) {
RefPtr<DrawTarget> result;
RefPtr<DrawTarget> dt =
mDrawTarget->CreateClippedDrawTarget(aBounds, aFormat);
if (dt) {
result = gfx::Factory::CreateOffsetDrawTarget(dt, mOrigin);
if (result) {
return result;
} // namespace gfx
} // namespace mozilla