Name Description Size
gssapi.h Also define _GSSAPI_H_ as that is what the Kerberos 5 code defines and what header files on some systems look for. 25137 1036
nsAuth.h types of packages 714
nsAuthGSSAPI.cpp OpenBSD doesn't register inter-library dependencies in basesystem libs therefor we need to load all the libraries gssapi depends on, in the correct order and with LD_GLOBAL for GSSAPI auth to work fine. 17142
nsAuthGSSAPI.h Some remarks on thread safety ... The thread safety of this class depends largely upon the thread safety of the underlying GSSAPI and Kerberos libraries. This code just loads the system GSSAPI library, and whilst it avoids loading known bad libraries, it cannot determine the thread safety of the the code it loads. When used with a non-threadsafe library, it is not safe to simultaneously use multiple instantiations of this class. When used with a threadsafe Kerberos library, multiple instantiations of this class may happily co-exist. Methods may be sequentially called from multiple threads. The nature of the GSSAPI protocol is such that a correct implementation will never call methods in parallel, as the results of the last call are required as input to the next. 1878
nsAuthSambaNTLM.cpp Returns a heap-allocated array of PRUint8s, and stores the length in aLen. Returns nullptr if there's an error of any kind. 8425
nsAuthSambaNTLM.h This is an implementation of NTLM authentication that does single-signon by obtaining the user's Unix username, parsing it into DOMAIN\name format, and then asking Samba's ntlm_auth tool to do the authentication for us using the user's password cached in winbindd, if available. If the password is not available then this component fails to instantiate so nsHttpNTLMAuth will fall back to a different NTLM implementation. NOTE: at time of writing, this requires patches to be added to the stock Samba winbindd and ntlm_auth! 1675
nsAuthSASL.cpp Limitations apply to this class's thread safety. See the header file 4115
nsAuthSASL.h This class is implemented using the nsAuthGSSAPI class, and the same thread safety constraints which are documented in nsAuthGSSAPI.h apply to this class 829
nsAuthSSPI.cpp 18214
nsAuthSSPI.h nsAuthSSPI_h__ 1633
nsHttpNegotiateAuth.cpp 18737
nsHttpNegotiateAuth.h nsHttpNegotiateAuth_h__ 1089
nsIAuthModule.cpp 1972