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CDATASection.cpp 1610
CDATASection.h 1827
crashtests 17
htmlmathml-f.ent 159182 1095
nsIXMLContentSink.h This interface represents a content sink for generic XML files. The goal of this sink is to deal with XML documents that do not have pre-built semantics, though it may also be implemented for cases in which semantics are hard-wired. The expectation is that the parser has already performed well-formedness and validity checking. XXX The expectation is that entity expansion will be done by the sink itself. This would require, however, that the sink has the ability to query the parser for entity replacement text. XXX This interface does not contain a mechanism for the sink to get specific schema/DTD information from the parser. This information may be necessary for entity expansion. It is also necessary for building the DOM portions that relate to the schema. XXX This interface does not deal with the presence of an external subset. It seems possible that this could be dealt with completely at the parser level. 2276
nsXMLContentSink.cpp 48810
nsXMLContentSink.h 7874
nsXMLElement.cpp 1618
nsXMLElement.h 1170
nsXMLFragmentContentSink.cpp 12778
nsXMLPrettyPrinter.cpp 5608
nsXMLPrettyPrinter.h This will prettyprint the document if the document is loaded in a displayed window. @param aDocument document to prettyprint @param [out] aDidPrettyPrint if true, and error not returned, actually went ahead with prettyprinting the document. 1754
ProcessingInstruction.cpp 3971
ProcessingInstruction.h This will parse the content of the PI, to extract the value of the pseudo attribute with the name specified in aName. See for the specification which is used to parse the content of the PI. @param aName the name of the attribute to get the value for @param aValue [out] the value for the attribute with name specified in aAttribute. Empty if the attribute isn't present. 2672
resources 4
test 12
XMLDocument.cpp 12327
XMLDocument.h 3340
XMLStylesheetProcessingInstruction.cpp virtual 4881
XMLStylesheetProcessingInstruction.h 2654