Name Description Size
AndroidWebAuthnTokenManager.cpp static 12652
AndroidWebAuthnTokenManager.h WebAuthnAndroidTokenManager is a token implementation communicating with Android Fido2 APIs. 4864
AuthenticatorAssertionResponse.cpp 4006
AuthenticatorAssertionResponse.h 1998
AuthenticatorAttestationResponse.cpp 2641
AuthenticatorAttestationResponse.h 1614
AuthenticatorResponse.cpp 2216
AuthenticatorResponse.h 1473
PWebAuthnTransaction.ipdl IPC Transaction protocol for the WebAuthn DOM API. This IPC protocol allows the content process to call to the parent to access hardware for authentication registration and challenges. All transactions start in the child process, and the parent replies with a "Confirm*" message, or a "Cancel" message if there was an error (no hardware available, no registered keys, etc) or interruption (another transaction was started in another content process). Similarly, the content process can also request a cancel, either triggered explicitly by the user/script or due to UI events like selecting a different tab. 4357
PublicKeyCredential.cpp static 4657
PublicKeyCredential.h 2106
U2FHIDTokenManager.cpp 13706
U2FHIDTokenManager.h U2FHIDTokenManager is a Rust implementation of a secure token manager for the U2F and WebAuthn APIs, talking to HIDs. 5111
U2FSoftTokenManager.cpp Gets the first key with the given nickname from the given slot. Any other keys found are not returned. PK11_GetNextSymKey() should not be called on the returned key. @param aSlot Slot to search. @param aNickname Nickname the key should have. @return The first key found. nullptr if no key could be found. 36536
U2FSoftTokenManager.h U2FSoftTokenManager is a software implementation of a secure token manager for the U2F and WebAuthn APIs. 1761
U2FTokenManager.cpp Statics ******************************************************************** 18538
U2FTokenManager.h Parent process manager for U2F and WebAuthn API transactions. Handles process transactions from all content processes, make sure only one transaction is live at any time. Manages access to hardware and software based key systems. U2FTokenManager is created on the first access to functions of either the U2F or WebAuthn APIs that require key registration or signing. It lives until the end of the browser process. 4119
U2FTokenTransport.h Abstract class representing a transport manager for U2F Keys (software, bluetooth, usb, etc.). Hides the implementation details for specific key transport types. 1421
WebAuthnCBORUtil.cpp out 3917
WebAuthnCBORUtil.h Serialize and deserialize CBOR data formats for WebAuthn 1131
WebAuthnCoseIdentifiers.h 723
WebAuthnManager.cpp Statics ******************************************************************** 28026
WebAuthnManager.h Content process manager for the WebAuthn protocol. Created on calls to the WebAuthentication DOM object, this manager handles establishing IPC channels for WebAuthn transactions, as well as keeping track of JS Promise objects representing transactions in flight. The WebAuthn spec ( allows for two different types of transactions: registration and signing. When either of these is requested via the DOM API, the following steps are executed in the WebAuthnManager: - Validation of the request. Return a failed promise to js if request does not have correct parameters. - If request is valid, open a new IPC channel for running the transaction. If another transaction is already running in this content process, cancel it. Return a pending promise to js. - Send transaction information to parent process (by running the Start* functions of WebAuthnManager). Assuming another transaction is currently in flight in another content process, parent will handle canceling it. - On return of successful transaction information from parent process, turn information into DOM object format required by spec, and resolve promise (by running the Finish* functions of WebAuthnManager). On cancellation request from parent, reject promise with corresponding error code. Either outcome will also close the IPC channel. 5119
WebAuthnManagerBase.cpp IPC Protocol Implementation ******************************************************************** 4612
WebAuthnManagerBase.h A base class used by WebAuthn and U2F implementations, providing shared functionality and requiring an interface used by the IPC child actors. 2136
WebAuthnTransactionChild.cpp 3291
WebAuthnTransactionChild.h Child process IPC implementation for WebAuthn API. Receives results of WebAuthn transactions from the parent process, and sends them to the WebAuthnManager either cancel the transaction, or be formatted and relayed to content. 2113
WebAuthnTransactionParent.cpp 3826
WebAuthnTransactionParent.h Parent process IPC implementation for WebAuthn and U2F API. Receives authentication data to be either registered or signed by a key, passes information to U2FTokenManager. 1525
WebAuthnUtil.cpp in/out 14656
WebAuthnUtil.h Utility functions used by both WebAuthnManager and U2FTokenManager. 3730
WinWebAuthnManager.cpp WinWebAuthnManager Implementation ******************************************************************** 28028
WinWebAuthnManager.h 2031
cbor-cpp cbor-cpp 2
libudev-sys 2 2212
nsIU2FTokenManager.idl nsIU2FTokenManager An interface to the U2FTokenManager singleton. This should be used only by the WebAuthn browser UI prompts. 1297
tests 21
winwebauthn # Description 4