Name Description Size 811
test 2
VRDisplay.cpp static 28471
VRDisplay.h In order to avoid leaking information related to the duration of the user's VR session, we re-base timestamps. mTimeStampOffset is added to the actual timestamp returned by the underlying VR platform API when returned through WebVR API's. 12410
VRDisplayEvent.cpp 2522
VRDisplayEvent.h 1764
VREventObserver.cpp This class is used by nsGlobalWindow to implement window.onvrdisplayactivate, window.onvrdisplaydeactivate, window.onvrdisplayconnected, window.onvrdisplaydisconnected, and window.onvrdisplaypresentchange. 5602
VREventObserver.h 1888
VRServiceTest.cpp 26394
VRServiceTest.h 8151