Name Description Size
chrome.toml 123
crossorigin_iframe.html 925
file_featurePolicy.html 924
geolocation.html Simple access of geolocation 310
geolocation_common.js 4044
mochitest.toml 2005
network_geolocation.sjs 1909
popup.html Simple access of geolocation 549
test_allowCurrent.html Test for getCurrentPosition 919
test_allowWatch.html Test for watchPosition 1030
test_cachedPosition.html Test for getCurrentPosition 2650
test_cancelCurrent.html Test for getCurrentPosition 1137
test_cancelWatch.html Test for watchPosition 1153
test_clearWatch.html Test for watchPosition and clearWatch 2115
test_clearWatch_invalid.html Test for Bug 463039 1132
test_clearWatchBeforeAllowing.html Test for getCurrentPosition 1528
test_crossorigin_iframe.html Test for geolocation is disabled by default, and set allow="geolocation" in iframe could enable geolcation 1550
test_enableHighAccuracy.html Tests for watchPosition and getCurrentPosition with setHighAccuracy 2805
test_errorcheck.html Test for ErrorChecking 1287
test_featurePolicy.html Test for geolocation + featurePolicy 1151
test_garbageWatch.html Test for garbage data returned from location provider 1381
test_geoGetCurrentPositionBlockedInInsecureContext.html Test for Bug 1269531 1510
test_geolocation_is_undefined_when_pref_is_off.html Test for getCurrentPosition 1050
test_geolocation_is_undefined_when_pref_is_off_iframe.html Test for getCurrentPosition 773
test_geoWatchPositionBlockedInInsecureContext.html Test for Bug 1269531 1604
test_handlerSpinsEventLoop.html Test for spinning the event loop inside position handlers 2008
test_hidden.html Test that geolocation position can't be gotten when document is hidden 3116
test_manyCurrentConcurrent.html Test for getCurrentPosition 1394
test_manyCurrentSerial.html Test for getCurrentPosition 1076
test_manyWatchConcurrent.html Test for watchPosition 1459
test_manyWatchSerial.html Test for watchPosition 1207
test_manyWindows.html Test for many windows 1544
test_native_provider.html Test for getCurrentPosition with native location provider 2105
test_not_fully_active.html Test for when geolocation is used on non fully active documents 3238
test_optional_api_params.html Test for Bug 452566 2739
test_shutdown.html Test for getCurrentPosition 1486
test_timeoutCurrent.html Test for timeout option 1276
test_timeoutWatch.html Test for timeout option 1537
test_timerRestartWatch.html Test for watchPosition 1932
test_windowClose.html Test for geolocation in chrome 816
test_worseAccuracyDoesNotBlockCallback.html Test for getCurrentPosition 1421
windowTest.html Test for closing a window while it is doing a geolocation request 1007