Name Description Size
IOUtils.cpp Platform-specific (e.g. Windows, Unix) implementations of XPCOM APIs may report I/O errors inconsistently. For convenience, this function will attempt to match a |nsresult| against known results which imply a file cannot be found. @see nsLocalFileWin.cpp @see nsLocalFileUnix.cpp 68433
IOUtils.h Utility class to be used with |UniquePtr| to automatically close NSPR file descriptors when they go out of scope. Example: UniquePtr<PRFileDesc, PR_CloseDelete> fd = PR_Open(path, flags, mode); 23178
NetworkGeolocationProvider.jsm 14509
OSFileConstants.cpp This module defines the basic libc constants (error numbers, open modes, etc.) used by OS.File and possibly other OS-bound JavaScript libraries. 28898
OSFileConstants.h XPConnect initializer, for use in the main thread. This class is thread-safe but it must be first be initialized on the main-thread. 1452
PathUtils.cpp Return the leaf name, including leading path separators in the case of Windows UNC drive paths. @param aFile The file whose leaf name is to be returned. @param aResult The string to hold the resulting leaf name. @param aParent The pre-computed parent of |aFile|. If not provided, it will be computed. 17113
PathUtils.h A cache of commonly used directories 6888
android 5
components.conf 641
linux 3
mac 5 2581
nsDeviceSensors.cpp 17643
nsDeviceSensors.h 2414
nsIOSFileConstantsService.idl Inject module OS.Constants in the environment. This method must be called only from the main thread. Method is idempotent. 899
nsIOSPermissionRequest.idl The permission state is not known. As an example, on macOS this is used to indicate the user has not been prompted to authorize or deny access and there is no policy in place to deny access. 2731
nsOSPermissionRequest.h The default implementation of nsOSPermissionRequestBase used on platforms that don't have a platform-specific version. 675
nsOSPermissionRequestBase.cpp access authorized 2642
nsOSPermissionRequestBase.h The base implementation of nsIOSPermissionRequest to be subclassed on platforms that require permission requests for access to resources such as media captures devices. This implementation always returns results indicating access is permitted. 1238
tests 12
windows 5