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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
/* representation of a SMIL-animatable CSS property on an element */
#include "SMILCSSProperty.h"
#include <utility>
#include "mozilla/AnimatedPropertyID.h"
#include "mozilla/SMILCSSValueType.h"
#include "mozilla/SMILValue.h"
#include "mozilla/ServoBindings.h"
#include "mozilla/StyleAnimationValue.h"
#include "mozilla/dom/Element.h"
#include "nsCSSProps.h"
#include "nsDOMCSSAttrDeclaration.h"
namespace mozilla {
// Class Methods
SMILCSSProperty::SMILCSSProperty(nsCSSPropertyID aPropID,
dom::Element* aElement,
const ComputedStyle* aBaseComputedStyle)
: mPropID(aPropID),
mBaseComputedStyle(aBaseComputedStyle) {
"Creating a SMILCSSProperty for a property "
"that's not supported for animation");
SMILValue SMILCSSProperty::GetBaseValue() const {
// To benefit from Return Value Optimization and avoid copy constructor calls
// due to our use of return-by-value, we must return the exact same object
// from ALL return points. This function must only return THIS variable:
SMILValue baseValue;
// SPECIAL CASE: (a) Shorthands
// (b) 'display'
// (c) No base ComputedStyle
if (nsCSSProps::IsShorthand(mPropID) || mPropID == eCSSProperty_display ||
!mBaseComputedStyle) {
// We can't look up the base (computed-style) value of shorthand
// properties because they aren't guaranteed to have a consistent computed
// value.
// Also, although we can look up the base value of the display property,
// doing so involves clearing and resetting the property which can cause
// frames to be recreated which we'd like to avoid.
// Furthermore, if we don't (yet) have a base ComputedStyle we obviously
// can't resolve a base value.
// In any case, just return a dummy value (initialized with the right
// type, so as not to indicate failure).
SMILValue tmpVal(&SMILCSSValueType::sSingleton);
std::swap(baseValue, tmpVal);
return baseValue;
AnimationValue computedValue;
AnimatedPropertyID property(mPropID);
"Cannot animate custom properties with SMIL");
computedValue.mServo =
Servo_ComputedValues_ExtractAnimationValue(mBaseComputedStyle, &property)
if (!computedValue.mServo) {
return baseValue;
baseValue = SMILCSSValueType::ValueFromAnimationValue(mPropID, mElement,
return baseValue;
nsresult SMILCSSProperty::ValueFromString(
const nsAString& aStr, const dom::SVGAnimationElement* aSrcElement,
SMILValue& aValue, bool& aPreventCachingOfSandwich) const {
NS_ENSURE_TRUE(IsPropertyAnimatable(mPropID), NS_ERROR_FAILURE);
SMILCSSValueType::ValueFromString(mPropID, mElement, aStr, aValue,
if (aValue.IsNull()) {
// XXX Due to bug 536660 (or at least that seems to be the most likely
// culprit), when we have animation setting display:none on a <use> element,
// if we DON'T set the property every sample, chaos ensues.
if (!aPreventCachingOfSandwich && mPropID == eCSSProperty_display) {
aPreventCachingOfSandwich = true;
return NS_OK;
nsresult SMILCSSProperty::SetAnimValue(const SMILValue& aValue) {
NS_ENSURE_TRUE(IsPropertyAnimatable(mPropID), NS_ERROR_FAILURE);
return mElement->SMILOverrideStyle()->SetSMILValue(mPropID, aValue);
void SMILCSSProperty::ClearAnimValue() {
// static
bool SMILCSSProperty::IsPropertyAnimatable(nsCSSPropertyID aPropID) {
// NOTE: Right now, Gecko doesn't recognize the following properties from
// the SVG Property Index:
// alignment-baseline
// baseline-shift
// color-profile
// glyph-orientation-horizontal
// glyph-orientation-vertical
// kerning
// writing-mode
switch (aPropID) {
case eCSSProperty_clip:
case eCSSProperty_clip_rule:
case eCSSProperty_clip_path:
case eCSSProperty_color:
case eCSSProperty_color_interpolation:
case eCSSProperty_color_interpolation_filters:
case eCSSProperty_cursor:
case eCSSProperty_display:
case eCSSProperty_dominant_baseline:
case eCSSProperty_fill:
case eCSSProperty_fill_opacity:
case eCSSProperty_fill_rule:
case eCSSProperty_filter:
case eCSSProperty_flood_color:
case eCSSProperty_flood_opacity:
case eCSSProperty_font:
case eCSSProperty_font_family:
case eCSSProperty_font_size:
case eCSSProperty_font_size_adjust:
case eCSSProperty_font_stretch:
case eCSSProperty_font_style:
case eCSSProperty_font_variant:
case eCSSProperty_font_weight:
case eCSSProperty_height:
case eCSSProperty_image_rendering:
case eCSSProperty_letter_spacing:
case eCSSProperty_lighting_color:
case eCSSProperty_marker:
case eCSSProperty_marker_end:
case eCSSProperty_marker_mid:
case eCSSProperty_marker_start:
case eCSSProperty_mask:
case eCSSProperty_mask_type:
case eCSSProperty_opacity:
case eCSSProperty_overflow:
case eCSSProperty_pointer_events:
case eCSSProperty_shape_rendering:
case eCSSProperty_stop_color:
case eCSSProperty_stop_opacity:
case eCSSProperty_stroke:
case eCSSProperty_stroke_dasharray:
case eCSSProperty_stroke_dashoffset:
case eCSSProperty_stroke_linecap:
case eCSSProperty_stroke_linejoin:
case eCSSProperty_stroke_miterlimit:
case eCSSProperty_stroke_opacity:
case eCSSProperty_stroke_width:
case eCSSProperty_text_anchor:
case eCSSProperty_text_decoration:
case eCSSProperty_text_decoration_line:
case eCSSProperty_text_rendering:
case eCSSProperty_vector_effect:
case eCSSProperty_width:
case eCSSProperty_visibility:
case eCSSProperty_word_spacing:
return true;
// (Some of these aren't supported at all in Gecko -- I've commented those
// ones out. If/when we add support for them, uncomment their line here)
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------
// case eCSSProperty_enable_background:
// case eCSSProperty_glyph_orientation_horizontal:
// case eCSSProperty_glyph_orientation_vertical:
// case eCSSProperty_writing_mode:
case eCSSProperty_direction:
case eCSSProperty_unicode_bidi:
return false;
return false;
} // namespace mozilla