Name Description Size
browser_CORS-console-warnings.js Description of the test: Ensure that CORS warnings are printed to the web console. This test uses the same tests as the plain mochitest, but needs access to the console. 2593
browser.ini 204
bug1456721.sjs 660
file_bug1456721.html Test new CORS console messages 2032
file_cors_logging_test.html Test for Cross Site XMLHttpRequest 44629
file_cors_logging_test.html.css 0
file_CrossSiteXHR_cache_server.sjs 1540
file_CrossSiteXHR_inner_data.sjs 2878
file_CrossSiteXHR_inner.html 2940
file_CrossSiteXHR_inner.jar 1105
file_CrossSiteXHR_server.sjs 6310
head.js Open the toolbox in a given tab. @param {XULNode} tab The tab the toolbox should be opened in. @param {String} toolId Optional. The ID of the tool to be selected. @param {String} hostType Optional. The type of toolbox host to be used. @return {Promise} Resolves with the toolbox, when it has been opened. 1379
mochitest.ini 249
test_CrossSiteXHR_cache.html Test for Cross Site XMLHttpRequest 17500
test_CrossSiteXHR_origin.html Test for Cross Site XMLHttpRequest 5184
test_CrossSiteXHR.html Test for Cross Site XMLHttpRequest 52679